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Our not very new home.

A mere seven months ago we purchased the home of our dreams. It is a magically light filled home with warm hardwood floors complete with scuffs and loving creaks upon each step. Our home is set upon a lovely tree filled lot on a quiet street situated only a few blocks from my own childhood elementary. Despite the fact that the home sat vacant for at least five years, there is a warmth to this house, and I honestly knew it was our forever home the moment I stepped inside. Granted, there is a fully shattered window, a chimney which has fallen in upon itself, vibrant ivy vines growing through windows and into rooms, and an abundance of knob and tube wiring. I am well aware of these issues, plus multiple more red flags, but all I can see is our family home. A home with a history and a heart. A home that needs love, life, laughter, and care. An old home that needs a young family to bring it back to life. At a time and place where we are so quick to tear down and begin again, we have chosen to take the time, the effort, and the love necessary to restore this old house. I am thankful to my sweet and adorable husband to not only agree, but also fully embrace this great adventure. Please join us as we bring love and laughter back into our home.


Our beautiful home! Located in Dallas, Texas and built in 1916. It is rare to find a home of this age in this neighborhood. We are beyond delighted to be entrusted with this historic gem.

img_3685Our two girls, Bridget (4) and Evie (2), overlooking the view from their future room.

Love and hugs,  Suzie, Bunker, Bridget, and Evie (and Shafer the pup and Sofia the kitten)

5 thoughts on “Our not very new home.

  1. Suzie- I can’t wait to see what all y’all do to this amazing house! My great grandparents had a house on Maplewood, that has since been torn down, but those houses are amazing.


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