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A home surrounded by trees and love.

Surrounded by love:

This weekend we baked 10 coffee cakes for our soon(ish) to be neighbors. The girls were dressed in their finest attire, Snow White costumes, and we wrote little notes to each new neighbor explaining who we are and what to expect over the next year. We (and most people) understand first hand the difficulties connected with a construction project, not just for the home owner, but also for the neighbors along the street.

I was inclined to just drop off the cakes and notes on doorsteps without ringing the doorbells, but Bridget, our preciously thoughtful 4 year old, insisted upon meeting the neighbors. To her disappointment, most people were not home. They were most likely in attendance at our local high school state football championship game, a game which was thrillingly won! High school football is indeed at the heart of all Texas towns. That local pride that unites a community around their youth is one of the hallmarks of Texas, and I believe it is one of the reasons Texans are so loyal not just to Texas, but to their own hometowns. I am clearly a proud Texan! Anyways, we left most of our treats and notes on doorsteps, but our across the street neighbors were home, and they are the most precious and open hearted people I have ever met. They took the girls on a tour of the most magical Christmas collection; an enchanting collection which the couple accumulated one piece at a time over the last several decades. You could see the sparkle and delight in the eyes of our babies, and in the eyes and hearts of our new neighbors. It was a dear moment, and I will treasure it always, as I will also treasure our neighbors. Love those around you, share a minute with them, they might just share a precious moment with you and make life that much fuller and sweeter.

Surrounded by trees (and ivy and bamboo):


This is the back view of the house. The yard is overgrown and behind me is the bamboo forest. This is also a great view of the fallen in chimney and the added on shed/utility/mudroom.

Removal of the bamboo forest at the back of the property (and view of neighbors house).

img_2933  Another view of the back of the house. Please note the doggy door that was too high, so they made a step so the dog would not just fall after stepping through the door! Also, a good view of fallen in chimney and if you look closely, you can see the knob and tube wiring hanging down from the eaves just to the left of the furthest right window.

Here are the girls sitting on the front porch (the door behind the girls goes into Bunkers future office). And here is the view (trees!) if you are sitting on the front porch looking back towards the driveway and front door.

Love and hugs until next time!


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