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A few windows into the past

My apologies for the rather long absence. The holiday season was filled with many events, precious memories, delicious food and wine, family gatherings, gifts, missed naps, late bedtimes, small tantrums, carols, and twinkling lights. We then spent a much needed slow and unplugged week at the lake house filled with rest, play, walks, yummy food and wine, snuggles, books, puzzles, deer sightings, boat rides, fires, and of course, a few tantrums (we do have two littles with big feelings!). In the end I feel loved, refreshed, and content. My new year wish for y’all is the same thing too; to feel loved, refreshed, and content.

We came back to Dallas and immediately went to check on our home. As we turned down the street my heart started to flutter and my tummy had butterflies; I missed our home! We were all excited to step inside and find newly unveiled treasures. Windows! Many many years ago, several windows were permanently shuttered and covered. I love windows and natural light, so my first thought was, let’s open them back up, and we did! The bookcases, shutters, and drywall were gently removed to reveal the perfectly preserved 100 year old windows. Well, perfectly preserved as long as that includes spider webs, cracked peach and teal paint, and a wasp nest (yikes!). Here are the before and afters of the living room window.

This is the living room before renovations. The window to be exposed is behind the right built in bookshelves.


And here you can see the window reopened! It overlooks the covered patio. We also removed the mirrored bookshelf to the right of the fireplace. Please note the bar sink and the kitchen sink that have been removed and are awaiting placement in a new home via Habitat for Humanity. Tract lighting has also been removed from the ceiling. Also, the fireplace is a recent addition, it will be removed and replaced. The wooden floors are covered and protected. img_4517

Here is the view of the living room exposed window from the outside before renovations (and our pretty babies!). It is the shuttered window to the left.


Post renovation.


Here are some close ups of the window highlighting the pulleys and weights (and Evie and her Paw Patrol power).



More windows to be revealed tomorrow!

Love and hugs,



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