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Living room window update

So, one of my dear friends from college, Katie (a kindred historian soul), asked a wonderful question in response to my post yesterday; is the bookcased/shuttered window in the living room recessed into a nook? I had noticed the gap, but I had not fully explored the reason. So this morning, after Bridget (my 4 year old) was dropped off at preschool and before Evie and I attended library story time, Evie (my two year old) and I went to the house for further investigation. Well, to quote my husband when presented with so many questions, “yes and no”. The original window was flush with the original wall. However, when the new and rather stark, concrete fireplace was added, a new dry-walled wall was also added behind the new fireplace, leaving a gap between the new fireplace wall and the original plaster wall. Therefore, there is indeed a shallow window nook. However, it is a modern addition and one which will not be kept after we remove the modern fireplace and drywall, and replace it with a softer feeling tiled fireplace in line with the original plastered wall.

Here are some views of the hollow space between the modern fireplace and original fireplace bricks and plaster wall.


Also, here are some close up views of the exposed weight and pulley system for the double hung window. These are the mechanics concealed behind the walls around our windows throughout the house.


Here is the view of the newly exposed window (formerly concealed behind permanent shutters, please note the remnant staples and insulation) from the front covered porch into the living room.


And then, isn’t this unchanged and untouched window pull just beautifully shining despite the cracked paint and spider-webbed window?


And, here is Evie playing in our safe haven in the house. It is Bunker’s future office and is the room in which the least amount of work should occur. This is where we can enjoy a little bit of normality in the midst of renovation and change. Thanks to my mama for the fun and entertaining toys!


Love and hugs until next time, and keep the questions coming!



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