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Resting windows

We discovered three more slightly dirty, but gloriously sunny windows. Interestingly, all four of the thus far revealed windows face the East. Morning sunlight is my favorite, and so I look forward to adding more naturally bright and fresh light into the home. The latest discovery was made in the girls future playroom. These three windows are all in a row and were dry walled over on the interior and shuttered on the exterior. The exterior shutters will remain in place until we are further into the project.

Here are some before and afters:

Here is the playroom interior prior to any renovation. It is our understanding that one of the previous owners used this room as their master bedroom and covered the windows to create a solid wall for the bed placement. They also vaulted the ceiling, something we will undo. It just seems out of place in this home.


Here are the revealed windows, vintage peachy pink color and all, and an Evie!img_4893

This will be such a lovely expanse of windows!


Here are some wonderful close up pictures of the ropes and counter weights used to raise and lower the windows.


Exterior views.

On the left is a picture of the exterior view with the shuttered playroom windows. On the right is a view of the front of the house. To give you perspective on where the playroom is located, it is on the second floor, the furthest room to the right, directly above the office and covered porch. Before the days of air conditioning, this room was a sleeping porch, a delightful room in which to sleep when faced with the rather warm Texas summer evenings. A hot and restless sleeper could slip into a lightly dressed bed on the sleeping porch and open the North and South facing windows to hopefully catch a refreshing cross breeze, and a few moments of cool and restful sleep.

What a magical place to play and imagine, dance and read, draw and dream. Lucky babies! On that note, I am going to go play and snuggle with my precious sugar plums.


Love and hugs,


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