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Images of the past.

We adore our home, but we do not adore all of the changes that were made over the past several years. Here is a photographic tour of the most wonderful aspects of our home, and those changes we are most excited to erase.

Living room: We love and adore the large original windows and floral leaded glass arched window. This arch is a theme that will be repeated multiple times throughout the renovations and addition to our home. We love the dark wooden floors with that unique patina only achieved through actual foot scrapes, spilled milk (or wine), rearranged furniture (and if you know me…or my mom…you know this happens at least once a month), indoor scooters. I love the comforting creaks and the sheen of age and a loved life. Gosh, we should apply that to our own lives; the loved sheen of age and life. Isn’t it better to feel loved and have precious memories rather than just being shiny and new? I wish these floors could talk, I am sure they could teach me some priceless lessons and give me ageless wisdom.

Tract lighting. No thanks.

Concrete fireplace. Fine for the outdoors, but super harsh and cold for my warm and cozy living room. I imagine warm and deep conversations around this fireplace, Christmas carols and cocoa, wine and life thoughts. This needs to be something warm and special. Not sure yet, but we will get there.

A window covered by a bookcase. I really need natural light, so anywhere and everywhere I can reintroduce that into this home, I will.



Bunker’s office:

Again, I love the floors and the windows. There is a mirrored set of windows and doors to the left. Can you imagine the lovely breeze if you opened both doors? Delightful! A front porch and a back porch expand this office to the outdoors. What a nice place to work for Bunker!

I don’t love that fan and I don’t love those window shades.


Another view of Bunker’s office:

I will try to let Bunker keep these bookshelves to himself, but we all know how much I love books and how many I have! The view out of these windows is into the backyard.


Back porch outside of Bunker’s office:

This is falling in upon itself. The wood will be replaced with stone and will attach with the fully new back patio that will wrap around most of the back part of the home.


The Entry:

Oh my, there are not enough words. I would just have to give you a long and happy hug to describe to you how much I love this entry! It is bright and light and happy and intimate and quirky all at the same time. LOVE!

There area so few things that need to be changed. The light is in storage for safe keeping. I don’t like the carpet on the stairs. This should be all wood. The tiny mail shot needs to be enlarged (our poor mailman Larry is so uncomfortable squishing all of our mail through this tiny slot).

That’s it, otherwise it is beyond perfect! It needs some color in the version of wallpaper, most likely a C.F.A. Voysey pattern, my favorite architect and designer from the early 1900’s. Sample images to come.



All of the upstairs bedrooms have somber colors and worn out carpeting. The carpeting is all removed and has revealed gorgeous hardwoods. We will replace the darker colors with cozy and happy wallpaper and soft window coverings. This particular room will be the girls shared bedroom.


Added utility shed:

This was a later addition. It is basically a small shed attached to the back of the house. It housed the washer and dryer and storage. This whole shed has been removed.



Upstairs hall bathroom:

Indeed functional, but not period appropriate and not functional for our family. This has been removed and will be the girls adjoining bathroom. Again, the feeling is cold and beige. We will add a vibrant life through color to this bathroom!


Dining room:

The view of this photo is from the living room, and you can see Bunker’s office through the door to the right. The lighting fixture is in storage for safe keeping. All of the windows will remain and we will add french doors to our new patio between the two North facing windows. Again, wonderful wallpaper to come. Again, look at those floors!


Former Master bath:

The master bathroom shared a wall with the hall bathroom. It was awkward and didn’t fit stylistically with the home. You can see the sinks in this picture. Around the wall from the sinks were the bathtub and the toilet (separated from the rest of the bathroom and bedroom by a plastic shower curtain). Behind the person taking the photo were the master closets. This whole area will be rearranged and changed into the girls bathroom and closet.



Well, this is functional and is indeed within the footprint of the original kitchen. However, the feel is a bit sterile and cold. And, as we spend so much time in our kitchen, and we plan to have our large wooden kitchen table as the center and heart of our home, this will not work as our family kitchen. Also, the cork tiles were each individually becoming unglued from the floor, a bit of a walking and cooking hazard. And, you will not believe what is hidden behind one set of cabinets. I will post again tomorrow (or the next day, sorry, babies have needed more snuggles lately), to reveal this supremely cool part of the house!!ishz60ebcrq7ce1000000000


The bar:

Oh dear. If you know us, you know that this bar will just not do. Nope. We will expand this bar and move the door over into the kitchen to were the fridge was once located. We will add a wine fridge and plenty of storage for glasses and all different sorts of drinks. For goodness sake, our couple nickname is Boozie (Bunker + Suzie), we will need to have a bar to support this nickname. isluhox7xvvtbe1000000000

Old master…new playroom:

We will add a large mirror to the wall (my girls love to watch themselves dance), take up the carpet and add bright colors for a playful playroom!


We will also drop the ceiling back to the original level and we have already exposed the three hidden windows behind the dry-wall. istcxyoiw0ytde1000000000

Back bedroom: This bedroom will become the laundry and craft room, and as I like to call it, our artistic free space. This room houses the fallen in chimney hidden behind the bookcase to the right. Also, the entry to the attic is to the left in the picture. It is a small staircase that leads to a small attic, which was once the site of a childhood club, misspellings on the wooden walls and all. I love this. It is almost like the house can actually speak and talk about its own past. So, windows will remain; window treatments, bookcase, caved in chimney, and stained carpet will be removed.


Love this house and love y’all for following us along this unpredictable journey!

So these are the before photos, updated photos will come this weekend I promise.

Love and hugs and nighty night!


One thought on “Images of the past.

  1. I’m enjoying following your renovation journey! Having done something like this, I know what a labor of love it can be. I kept a photo journal throughout our process as well to remind me of where we started and where we ended up. While our house was not as old as your beautiful treasure (ours was built in 1948), we kept and expanded on so much of the orginal architecture. Enjoy your project, even on the days when you would like to pull your hair out when something has gone completely wrong, in the end , it will all be worth it.


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