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Stairs to here and stairs to there.

We have an attic and a basement. An attic is certainly not unique in Texas. But, one with a fully enclosed staircase and inscriptions from a childhood club from a different era certainly are treasures. The basement is indeed a rarity in Dallas, especially as it is 100 years old! So here we go. Pictures of the basement entry and the attic entry.

Here is the side entry from the side driveway. This little door leads directly into the lowest level of the home. From this entry you can either climb up five steps to enter the rest of the home, or go directly to the left and down ten steps into the basement.


Here we have opened the side door; to the left, you can see the door handle to the basement door. You can also see five steps which lead to the main level of the home. If you continue up the steps, you can go to the left and enter the kitchen towards the back of the home, or, you can go to the right and to the front entry and living room and front stairs. At the top of these five steps, you can see the remnants of the old powder room. img_4679

Below is a view of the old powder room. Oh hi! That’s me, and my pink phone cover. You can see the side exit behind me in the mirror.


Here is a view from the top of the five steps down towards the basement entry and the side exit. Powder bathroom is directly behind the photographer, aka, me.


Below, you can see the entry to the attic, and of course, precious Evie! I will need to go back up and take pictures of the inscriptions/slightly misspelled words on the attic walls commemorating the kids club that once took place in this enchanting home.


We had an unbelievably lovely day here in Texas. Hope y’all were able to enjoy whatever weather was yours today.

Love and hugs,






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