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Bottoms up!

Following upon yesterday’s post, Stairs to here and stairs to there, here are pictures of our basement.

Here you can see the entry to the basement adjacent to the side entry door. Look at this lock and doorknob!

This picture is the direct view from the top of the basement stairs down into the actual basement. The undersides of the back staircase can be seen and touched as you climb down the basement staircase.


Fire extinguishers. There are quite a few in this basement. Vintage unknown. Comforting or unnerving? Regardless, pretty cool finds, and we have brand new ones throughout the rest of the home.


Here you can see the top of the basement. The exposed brick piers and wood lath are things to be cherished in this old home. The exposed hanging wires are not as desirable.


A little clean up and I think this could be a cool place to keep wine and emergency supplies. Come on over to our house when the weather sirens blare, as they often do in Texas. Wine and chips and hot sauce will be provided. img_6784

Need paint? Perhaps some with lead enhancements? Yikes. We will need to properly dispose of all of this paint. As well as the rather worn out bookshelves and water heater.  img_6788

More exposed wiring. Something here caught my eye, a handwritten note referencing Southwestern Bell, the telephone company that was founded in 1917 and was was formerly called The Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company, founded in 1882. As far as I can tell, past 1984 Southwestern Bell was basically AT&T. Therefore, this little handwritten note is at least 30 some odd years old. I don’t know why, but this little hand written note attached to a wire in the basement just tickled my inner historian and Dallas native spirit. I think I will cut if off and keep it in a scrapbook. On a side note; the company name of Missouri and Kansas Telephone Co. made me think of the old railroad that ran through Dallas, the Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad,also known as the MKT, or it’s stock exchange name, “K-T”, ergo, the nickname which has stuck around and actually grown stronger today, Katy. Who loves to go run or walk on the  Katy Trail? Who loves to grab a drink at the  Katy Trail Ice House? How many of us know that this trail was once a railway. A railway that helped turn the small town of Dallas into the massive city of Dallas that we know today. The railway may no longer be here. We may no longer hear that train whistle blowing. And yet, we certainly still use and love the Katy. The Katy is still at the heart of this vibrant city, and the Katy continues to add life, energy, and connection to our city.


And here below, you can see the view as you walk back up the stairs and to the main level of the home.

Love and hugs and thanks for following us on this grand adventure that we are so lucky to undertake!


2 thoughts on “Bottoms up!

  1. Just discovered your blog through the WP reader, read it from the beginning, and am really looking forward to seeing more of your renovation, and of course the end result.
    I love your many and beautiful windows, huge rooms, and those hardwood floors…oh my. I have a serious case of house envy 🙂


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