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To the tops!

As promised, attic pictures!

Below you can see Evie at the attic entry, and then you can see the stairs leading up to the attic, and again, another fire extinguisher, vintage undetermined.

Below you can see the view from the bottom of the stairs to the very top.


And here we go, the top of the house, exposed wires and all. Look at these old beams, strong, stable, and comforting 100 years later. Those dangling wires aren’t as stable or comforting. Yikes. Beams will remain in place, wires will be removed.

Here is the view from the center of the home up towards the clouds. House ventilation at its most basic and finest all at the same time.


Below, original attic floors. Stained and discolored throughout the years, and yet still beautiful and strong.


Below: Remnants of the secret attic club.  Misspellings and all.


Okay, here we are walking back down the stairs. I didn’t notice the writing on the drop ceiling above the staircase before I saw this picture. Another vintage inscription from the attic club “captin”.


Still walking down the stairs.


And now here we are back at the entrance to the attic looking out the door and into the room that will soon be our new laundry/art/creative space room.


So, there we go! We love our house from the top to the bottom. Love and hugs until next time.

Bellow: Bridget/princess of the day building in Bunker’s future office/current storage room.


Below: Princess Bridget/Elsa leading the way to the backyard.img_6651

Our gorgeous beautiful strong old home for our precious sweet joyful young family. Love.


More love and more  hugs,


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