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Our precious girls


Our girls, Bridget (4) and Evie (2), are the most magnificently precious little things, and they have both enriched our lives in very different ways beyond what we could have ever imagined. They are adorable and we adore both of them, and they adore each another. They have shared a room since Evie was three months old (at Bridget’s request!). They will continue to share a room in our new home. It is a nicely sized room with gorgeous windows and will attach to a large bathroom with the original cast iron tub, a new separate shower, two pedestal sinks with a nice storage cabinet in between, a toilet, and a walk in closet (complete with windows to the front of the house…awkward but totally in keeping with a quirky 100 year old home…I think some curtains will be a nice solution to this problem). They love each other. They want to be together, near each other, part of each others lives. This is the most important thing to me as a parent, to foster and strengthen this sisterly bond; this relationship that is separate from myself, this relationship that will go on for a lifetime after they leave our home and go out into the world. I have the most wonderful example in my own life. My sister and I just had lunch today. Just us. No kids. No parents. No husbands. Just us! We try to do this about once a month, to just catch up. Topics range month to month, as life ranges month to month. We obviously love to get together with our kiddos in toe and with the whole family, but this sister time is special. I want my girls to have this lunch in 30 years, each month, just the two of them.

My parents were, and continue to be, the best parents in the world. They were there when I needed them, they were there when I thought I didn’t need them, they loved me unconditionally at all times, they hugged me, they gave me perspective, they brushed my hair, they laughed with me, they set boundaries, they cried with me, they trusted me, they asked me questions, they sang with me, they supported me, they read to me, they colored with me, they walked with me, they talked with me, they held my hand, they ate cookies with me, they made dinner with me, they explored the world with me, they wiped away my tears, they helped me stand up physically and emotionally again and again; they loved me and I felt their love, and still feel it today and everyday. And now, today, they hold my babies, they wipe their tears, they giggle with my babies, they read with my babies, they talk with my babies, they eat cookies with my babies, they hold their hands, they love my babies and I know my babies feel loved, supported, adored, and cherished by their sweet grandparents. What a gift to my babies, to my parents, and to me. I can only hope to make my sweet babies feel as loved, safe, important, and cherished as my parents have always made me feel.

The most precious gift that my parents gave me is the relationship between myself and my older sister, Jeanie. She was my first friend and my first role model. Today she is my still my closest friend; we share a million memories and experiences, happy and sad, trivial and monumental. Although we are almost 5 years apart in age and rather different in how we process the world around us, we are supremely connected to one another and love one another to the depths of our souls. My parents gave us the opportunity to create our own relationship, to become friends, to work out our problems with one another, to share alone time together, to learn with each other, to explore together, to guide each other, to challenge each other, to cheer each other on in times of happiness, and to cry with each other in times of despair. My sister is a solid rock, the most stable and strong person I know, and I am honored and lucky to have her as my older sister. She and I live so close, she is basically a neighbor and her boys are only slightly older than my girls. These four children love and adore one another with a strength and depth I couldn’t have imagined, and I delight in every moment I get to sit back and watch them all interact with one another. I cannot wait to watch and see where the world takes these children and how they will guide and protect one another through the sunshine and storms of life.

I want my girls to have this strong and close relationship. I hope I can give them the foundation of love and trust that my parents gave to me; I hope Bridget can be a solid guiding and loving light to little Evie, and I hope Evie can be a whimsical slightly wandering spirit that can add some laughter and unpredictability to Bridget’s life. I know they will irritate each other (this morning was a great example of sisterly irritation), but I also know they will balance each other, love and support each other, and teach each other from now until forever.

Without further ado…….goodness that was a wanderingly (spellcheck says this isn’t a real word, I disagree) deep thought. Pictures!

Below is the girls room. At the far left is the old closet. This will be removed. This is the view from the front windows towards the back of the house. Hi Evie!


Below is the view of the girls room from the entry door. Here you can see the depth of the closet that will be removed and the side windows (overlooking Kumquat trees!) that will remain. The window treatments are gone. The wooden floors are slightly revealed beneath the worn carpet. img_3660

Below, you can see that the closet has been removed. Here again we are looking from the front windows towards the back of the house (you can see the side windows to the left). The slanted area on the ground where the closet once stood is an angled area to make room for the front staircase just below the girls room. We will conceal this oddity with a built in nook of some sort. I am thinking a nook to enclose their twin beds into a little nook? Or an elevated reading nook?


Below is the view from the bedroom entry looking towards the side windows (front windows are to the left in this picture). Here you can see the remnants of the old closet and the height of the staircase headroom angle.


And below you can see the lovely knob and tube wiring just hanging out of the ceiling in the girls room, yikes.


Below is the original cast iron tub which will be refinished and reinstalled at a later date.


Below are views of the future girls room bathroom and closet area. This was the previous master bathroom and closet area.  And, yet another hidden window has been revealed! It was hidden behind drywall in the master closet and shuttered on the exterior. This window overlooks the flat roof over the front porch just outside of Bunker’s office. I think the bathroom area will be perfectly efficient and beautiful. The closet, well, this will not be the most functional or efficient closet, but I think it will be a magical place for a vanity and a mirror and kids clothing. Princess dress up paradise.

Below is a picture of Bunker’s office on this glorious February afternoon. Door open, breeze filling the room with fresh and crisp light and air. To orient you in the house, the playroom is directly above this room. The girls closet window overlooks the roof of this covered porch overlooking the front yard.


Sisters overlooking their little kingdom…Love them. (Front porch off of Bunker’s office. Neighbors house is directly behind the girls).


Love and hugs until next time,



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