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Foundations for the future

Our addition: To the first level we are adding a den, kitchen, uncovered patio, covered patio, open breezeway, and a detached garage. To the second floor we are adding a master suite and uncovered patio. In order to connect these additions to the existing (very stable!) house, we needed to drill multiple piers. What a fascinating process to watch. I was a little hopeful we would hit oil, but alas, just dirt and stone.


Tough work, and exceedingly nice and hard working men. img_5014

Our first drilled pier to be filled with concrete and rebar. Rebar is the nickname for reinforced steel bar, an integral component needed to hold the poured concrete in tension.img_5002img_4999

Below you can see the outlines of the added structure. The garage is at the far back of the property. The narrow area will be the open breezeway connecting the garage directly into the mudroom and then the kitchen. The kitchen and den will be in the center of this area and the covered patio will be the furthermost right area of the new foundation area. Our kitchen table (at the center of the kitchen as we will have no island) will ironically sit almost exactly where the work table sits in this photo.img_5075

Below is the view from the back. From the left, the new stone patio off of Bunker’s office will be uncovered and open to the sky (this porch was originally a less than stable wooden porch). Moving to the center, the covered patio will extend off of the existing dining room. We will add French doors from the dining room out onto the new covered patio. What a treat to have indoor/outdoor dining! This covered patio will also play host to our outdoor living room, complete with fireplace and grill. So, can you see that smaller window on the second floor and the two windows just to the left of the removed utility shed? This is the area which the enclosed addition will connect to the original home. This addition will house the new den and kitchen/mud room on the ground floor, and the new master suite on the second floor. img_5076

It is amazing to see our ideas starting to come to life! We are beyond thankful that the 100 year old foundation of the home is perfectly sound and stable (perhaps more so than many new homes built today). Which means that we need that strong of a foundation to connect the new to the old. I am beyond excited about the new outdoor patio, kitchen, family, and master spaces, and I am also beyond amazed at the amount of work involved in the building of a strong foundation. That certainly translates into everything in life. A strong foundation takes thoughtful planning, tough work, and considerable effort; but a strongly laid foundation lasts beyond a lifetime.

Love and hugs,


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