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Support needed.

Addition foundations are all in place. Time to move out of the ground and up to the sky. But first, one more preciously important foundation memory. This is in the corner of the garage. I love this and I love that Bunker is the one that came up with the idea and wanted the girls there to be part of this special memory.

Below: The girls in their preferred daily attire. Evie in a gymnastics leotard and Bridget in her princess gown of the day. Here you can see the back view of the house as they walk from the garage foundation to the breezeway and then finally on the the steps of the new soon to be covered patio. Note the included stair lighting on the breezeway steps. These are also included on the patio steps that lead down into the yard. I plan to live in this house for a very very very long time. Coming from a frequent stair faller and tripper, I need all the help I can get in the stair and lighting department.

Below you can see the back of the house, where the addition will adjoin to the existing house. Since we took out the back supporting wall we needed to add a steel beam to support the load of the second floor. Look at that strong beautiful beam! As you can see in the picture on the right, the very aptly named “I” beam is the backbone of the addition; the central unit that connects the old to new. Just like when our bodies undergo any type of surgery or drastic change, we need a time of rest and support; well, so do our homes. Give those bones some time to rest and recover, some time to reset, some time to adjust, and give them the support needed to fully recover and be ready for the next life steps.

Below: See the massive network of support needed to hold up this 100 year old home.

IMG_7333So here we go. Our strong foundation and our strong new “I” beam support; together stronger and ready for the next 100 years.

In the mean time…..I helped put on the preschool carnival and it was supremely fun, but I now have no voice and no energy. Time to rest!

Love and hugs,


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