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Framing the future.

Plans are finished, foundations are set, now it is time to make the addition and the interior changes a physical reality. To be honest, I was supremely nervous the first time I stepped from the old house into the “new” house. I was so worried we would loose the feel of the house that I fell in love with by making the renovations to the original house and by adding the addition. Yet, I also knew the original house was not fully functional for our young family today, and many elements were just downright dangerous or beyond inefficient (electric, plumbing, decayed wood, sealed windows, lead paint, HVAC…). So, as much as I wanted to move directly into the home I walked into over a year ago, I am also fully aware that changes had to be made to make this a livable home today and into the far future (ps Bunker we are never moving again!). I am not exaggerating when I say I had beyond butterflies and tummy flips and fast heartbeats when I walked around the corner of the house and saw the framing of the house the day I took these pictures. It was a while ago……..Februaryish? (Sorry I am so remarkably behind on posts).  And yet, as the structure has gone up more and more, and as I can actually walk in it and feel the space, it feels absolutely right and is a complimentary extension to the existing home. I will always miss the original footprint and the original feel of the home, but we are doing our best to honor that ambiance, feeling, quality, and atmosphere in the renovations and the addition.

Below: This shows the added den and kitchen with the framing and the added covered patio without any framing. 435r5t4 (thanks Sofia the First our cat for running across the keyboard).


Below you can again see the beginnings of the added den (closest to the existing house) and the kitchen (closest to the garage). Here you can also see the added detached garage. The garage will attach to the addition via a covered breezeway.


Below you can see the view from the future breezeway to the house. Here you can see the three steps (with built in stair lights…again…I am a stair faller and tripper and need all the lighting help I can get) which will lead into the mudroom and then the kitchen to the left and then to the den as you walk towards the original house. IMG_7295

Below is the view from one of the kitchen windows back towards the garage. This will be a nice large window with a counter top and cabinets below. The range will be directly to the right of the large window. My little kitchen tv will be on the wall to the left. Because, as much as I love football or Paw Patrol, I would like to watch something other than what is on the big den tv while I am in the kitchen cooking or drinking coffee or wine, most likely wine.


Below you can see the view from the garage towards the house. I love windows in garages. I love the light they bring into the garage, and I love the quaint feeling they add to the garage exterior. I feel like this is especially important with our detached garage which we can see from multiple points in the house and yard. Precious adorable window boxes will perhaps be added, but I am not certain, those plants die so quickly, mostly because I forget to water them.

gfvbrt (another gift from Sofia…such a cat)

Below: Garage view from the alley towards the house.


Garage view towards the yard. Great windows! The “skylight” is the attic access. To the far right you can see our storage closet within the garage.


Below is the view from the garage up to the sky. I think I mentioned this before. Sorry girls, no back house parties at this house! The garage attic space will be storage only with a pull down ladder.IMG_7302

And to end tonight’s post…an old rum bottle from the attic…

and an old air conditioning filter. IMG_8336

Love and hugs,


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