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Breezeway…from dream to reality.

Below you can see the back of the house and the unfinished foundation for the den and kitchen addition. The girls (in their preferred daily attire…princess royalty and athletic gymnast) are standing atop the future breezeway steps that will lead into the mudroom/kitchen. This picture was taken early February. IMG_7225

Voila! The picture below was taken late February. Here you can see the framed entrance to the mudroom. This door will be a Dutch door with a large window that can open to the outdoors on the top and a solid wood bottom. As you walk into the mudroom to the right there will be a small floor to ceiling enclosed cabinet (broom and vacuum storage) and a large counter with a big window above and cabinets below. As you continue to walk into the mudroom on the right there will be open lockers with hooks (the hooks will be old doorknobs we have found in the basement and attic, thanks to my mom for this great idea!) and storage nooks. At the very back of the mudroom (the door frame is in perfect line with the Dutch door mudroom door frame) is our mudroom bathroom with a large soapstone soaking sink and toilet. The full wall on the left side of the mudroom will be floor to ceiling cork board! The entry to the kitchen is directly to the left of the Dutch door entry. IMG_7307

Below, in this picture taken early March, you can see the view from the mudroom entry back towards the garage. The railing will be removed but the wooden pillars will remain but will each be encased in brick facades. IMG_7441

Below, mid-March, you can see the removed railings and a daddy and his precious girls.


Below you can see an image of the breezeway from inside the mudroom. To orient you in the space, from where I am taking the picture the mudroom bathroom is directly behind me, the lockers and counter top and window are to my left, and the open kitchen entry is to the right.


Below is a side view of the breezeway. This picture is taken from a kitchen window.


Below is another side view of the breezeway as it attaches to the garage. This picture is taken from the new patio.


Below you can see the curved ceiling of the breezeway. The left image is going towards the house and the right image is going towards the garage. We love this curve and how it mimics the curved eyebrow features throughout the original house.

Below is a close up view of the curved ceiling feature.


Below, last week, the girls skipping through the breezeway; the first of many skips, runs, jumps, and gallops!


Love and hugs,


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