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Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match.

A brick match that is. We struggled to find just the right new brick to put on our addition. One that will look as identical to the 100 year old brick on the existing house as possible. And, we have found our best candidate!

Below please see examples of our original brick. These bricks are highly and unpredictably textured. This texture is clearly enhanced by layers of paint and perhaps some dribbles and dollops of mortar. Regardless, these bricks are inherently organic feeling, and not necessarily a popular request for new buildings.


Below you can see Princess Bridget surveying our saved brick collection. These bricks we taken from the back side of the house where the addition will connect to the original house. We will reuse these on the addition, but will need quite a few more bricks to finish out the addition and the garage. Perhaps we can use these original bricks on our fireplace?


So our matchmaker (AKA our builder and brick guy) made us a match, and together these old bricks and new will make a beautiful home! The reddish bricks are the new matches and the painted brick is an original brick. The new bricks exhibit the same deep striations, the same earthy imperfections, the same fundamentally textural feel. With some added paint and some dollops of mortar, and a few years of sun and rain, I think it will be hard to tell the two bricks apart.


Here you can see a new brick set on top of the front patio right in front of the original bricks.


We think it is a great match and are thankful that bricks like this are in, albeit limited, production for projects just like our home.

Love and hugs,

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