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Small daily changes remembered: Exterior framing edition.

So in my last post Small daily changes remembered: Foundation edition, we covered a lot of ground in regards to the addition foundation. My husband, Bunker, takes almost daily photos of our project documenting the small daily changes that will soon add up to a fully constructed addition and fully renovated home! Today we will focus on the framing. Our framing crew was awesome. They pulled together and worked exceedingly hard each and everyday on our site to transform our drawn plans and measurements into a physical reality.

Please enjoy this photographic tour!

So here we are, Valentine’s Day. Foundations (solid concrete and rebar for the outside and garage spaces, concrete perimeters and wooden slats for the interior spaces) set and in place.


And the next day, February 15th, the first plumbing pipes are installed. Here you can clearly see the need for crawl space underneath interior foundations!

Below you can see our plentiful lumber and sub-flooring supply. February 18, 2017.


In the two pictures below, you can see the fully installed sub-floor. You can also see the basic skeleton of the garage. February 20, 2017.



Below you can see the back of the house, a little undressed due to the brick removal! Isn’t that siding beautiful! It has since been removed from the house and is in storage awaiting instillation in the garage and laundry room. Please note the one foot gap in the wall between the first floor and second floor. This is where the steel support beam will be added to carry the load of the missing exterior wall. February 21, 2017.


The two pictures below are also from February 21, 2017 and highlight the completed first floor garage structure.

Here we are on February 28th. Steel beam is installed and bearing the load of the missing 100 year old exterior wall. You can also see the gap in the second floor wall. That is the former location of the fallen in chimney. Looking through this gap you can see into the future laundry room. The space below the new beam was the original kitchen and breakfast nook. This area will now be the den.


Below you can see the view from the second floor fallen in chimney nook. I actually love this vantage point. It is just a sliver of a view, and yet you can see the past and the present touching each other, one supporting the other. You can see the steel beam where the wall meets the floor, and yes, a massive hole in the floor where there was once a chimney passage.  February 28, 2017.


Yes, this is still February 28th! Here you can see the fully framed garage. The roof went partially up while we were having a meeting on site! You can also see the partially framed breezeway, mudroom, kitchen, and den. This picture was taken earlier in the morning from the second floor guest bedroom.


Same day, February 28th, and the garage roof beams are all in place.


March 1, 2017. View from the fallen in fallen in chimney passage on the second floor. Hi! You can see the guys on the garage roof framing out the dormer windows. You can also see the beginnings of our master bedroom floor which will go on the second floor of the addition, above the kitchen and den, and will share a wall with the new laundry room (the room in which this picture was taken). IMG_8939

Another March 1st picture from the second floor guest bedroom.


March 2nd in the morning.


March 2nd in the evening.


March 2nd garage view from the newly built and surfaced second floor.


Future master bedroom suite looking back towards the house. The open door frame leads to the existing upstairs hallway. The window to the left belongs to the guest room. The window to the right belongs to the future laundry room. And again, our fallen in chimney passage.


View from the master bedroom window nook.


March 3rd, framing the second floor master suite. Notice the jut out feature that I just adore. The central three windows mimic the central three windows on the front of the house. The kitchen will also feature a leaded glass eyebrow window like on the front of the original house. I have included a picture below so that we can remember. The two side windows (which you cannot see in this picture) make this a jut out feature, capturing as much light and breeze as possible. On the first floor my kitchen sink and working counters will be just inside those glorious windows, and on the second floor we will have two chairs and a table for coffee or wine and books. The view framed by these windows towards the yard will be a peaceful one with puppies and kiddos running around and playing!


Below, this is the front window arrangement that we are recreating in the kitchen and master addition. The kitchen will have the eyebrow window as well, but the master will not.


This picture is from March 4th. Here you can really see the structure of the addition and the breezeway. Also, here you can see the jut out feature a bit better with those smaller side windows.


From this view on March 4th you can see the doors and windows that will open onto the covered patio on the first floor and the uncovered second floor sun deck/patio. Both the first floor and second floor patios will have fireplaces placed along the long side of the wall that has no windows. The first floor will also have a grill. It will be right next to the small window on the right of this photograph. I cannot wait to be able to open this little window and send out raw steaks to Bunker standing at the grill, and then have him pass the cooked meat back through this little window right onto the kitchen counter next to the sink and fridge and then onto the kitchen table. IMG_8908

So there we go. Exterior framing began and finished within less than four weeks and ended right before Bunker’s birthday. I will walk you through the inside of the framing next post. So as an end to the post, please enjoy our ridiculously cute girlies wearing their Notre Dame cheerleading outfits for Bunker’s birthday last month!


Love and hugs,


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