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Small daily changes remembered: Kitchen interior framing edition.

This installment of our daily changes remembered series will focus on the kitchen interior framing. Here are links to the two previous daily changes remembered posts: foundation and framing. Tonight we will focus on the kitchen.

Below are several photos from February 28th.

The photo below looks directly into the kitchen from the new den area. I am taking this picture from where the old utility shed once stood. The kitchen will be partially separated from the den, both physically and visually. You can see the beginnings of this separation below. Can you see the three large framed bays between the den and the kitchen? The central bay will be the walk way and the two side bays will have under counter cabinets accessible from both the kitchen and the den, then soapstone counters will serve as pass through areas between the kitchen and the den, and then there will be about a three foot gap before the upper glass cabinets begin and reach fully to the ceiling. These glass cabinets will feature lightly waved glass on both the kitchen and den sides so that light can filter in from both rooms, and I can finally display (and use) all of our beautiful wedding gifts and family heirlooms. Why leave these treasures packed away in boxes or stored at the back of unused cabinets? I want these pieces to be part of our daily lives, not necessarily to be used everyday, but to be seen and loved, reminders of those who gave them to us and those who used the pieces in lives before our own.

As we continue through the kitchen passageway, if you turn to the left you will find the future site of our six foot wide floor to ceiling built in storage cabinet. This large cabinet will be stained a dark wood stain and feature heavily waved glass fronts. This furniture like built in will house all of our daily use glasses, plates, serving pieces, mixing bowls, vases, baking dishes, and the like. Continuing past this large built in feature you can go through the door to the left that leads to the mudroom and then to the back door and through the breezeway to the garage. If you do not go out of the side door towards the mudroom, then you will come across the large window overlooking directly towards the garage. This large window will have a counter and then only lower cabinets below to house large pots and pans and a toe kick drawer to house my cooking sheets. Perfectly located cookie sheets, because, to the right of this window will be our range. As you continue around the kitchen to the right you can see the large jut out feature. This space will have plentiful counter space, our pull out trash can, our double sink, dishwasher, and beautiful views of the back yard. To the right of the sink jut out area will be our glass front fridge. And to the right of the refrigerator will be our walk in pantry which will house a pull out fridge drawer, our microwave and toaster oven, and plentiful open shelving to house all of our other “stuff”. I love that I will be able to close this pantry (with a pocket door…my favorite kind of door, but the only one we were able to make work into the house), and hide all of the messier kitchen necessities. Or, I can leave the pocket door all the way open and the pantry can become an open extension of the rest of the kitchen.  This brings us back to the kitchen pass through and entry. And then, at the very center of the kitchen our heavy kitchen table will find its home. Our kitchen table, our center and heart of our home, will be constructed on site from several pieces of wooden slats and boards salvaged from the original structure. The heart of the home indeed.


Below is a great interior view of our jut out feature. This is the location of our large soapstone counter work area, double basin sink, pull out trash can, and dishwasher. This features 5 double hung windows and a leaded glass eyebrow window that will mimic the one in the existing living room. This eyebrow window will be created from pieces of the few old windows that will not be refinished and replaced into their original homes due to floor plan changes or broken features. The side window to the far right is one of my favorite features of this jut out. I will be able to open the window and pass food out to Bunker (and I am sure a few beers here and there) to grill on the outside grill located on our covered patio. He can then pass them back through the window for an easy transition to dinner inside, or set the grilled foods, and whatever else we pass through this little window, onto the outside table for al fresco dining. IMG_7436

If you continue to turn to the right, you can still see my favorite little pass through window (on the far left of this picture) and you can see the location of our glass front refrigerator and our walk in pantry/pull out drawer fridge/appliance area. I love that we can open the whole pocket door to make this area part of the whole kitchen, or close the door and hide the inevitable pantry mess! There will also be a transom window above the pantry so that we can fill this enclosed storage space with natural light from the rest of the kitchen. If you continue to turn to your right you would see the den though the pass through counter and glass cabinets above. IMG_7438

Now, if you turn to your left from the jut out sink area you will see the range area and the large window with soapstone counter and cabinets for pots and pans below. This little cabinet area will also have two toe jam drawers to house my cookie sheets. Love this idea for otherwise unused space between the lower cabinets and floor.


Here is another nice view of the jut out area and the future fridge site. Do you see where many of those supports meet in the center of the room? That is where our kitchen table will live. IMG_7445

Well, I was going to share more tonight, I really was, but Bunker found a documentary on Netflix, Sour Grapes, and I am drinking some wine, so I am going to enjoy this wonderfully informative and intriguing documentary, and my yummy wine (Shafer vinyards) and Shafer snuggles from our puppy (yes we named our dog after our favorite vineyard) hard to beat this luxurious moment. 

Love and hugs,



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