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Small daily changes: Final interior framing edition.

This entry will focus on the rest of the addition interior framing. After this post we can treat the addition and the existing house as one entity. To see the past small daily changes editions please check out these links: foundation, exterior, kitchen.

Below: The girls running through the kitchen and into the den. April 8th.


Below: These future windows and door connect the family room (with kitchen to the left and front powder and entry to the right) to the covered patio. You can also see the exterior wall of the dining room to the right. We will add French doors between the two existing dining room windows that will lead out onto the patio. This photo was taken February 28th.


Same view one month later, March 30th, with some adorable additions!


March 30th. Here you can see the new family room and the new kitchen as you walk through the front door and hallway. To the right you can see the windows and door to the covered patio. On the left wall will be our television area and fireplace. Right in front you can see the more defined kitchen entry pass through and display area, and beyond our kitchen.


Below you can see our new family room fireplace. To the right will be our television area (keep going to the right and you will find the kitchen). To the left of the fireplace you will see the old kitchen sink window opening. We will keep these windows and install a reading bench below that will connect to the raised fireplace hearth. To the left of these windows and the future bench is our formerly enclosed back staircase (these will be revealed in a post to come). The first photo is from Novemberish? and shows the original kitchen sink and windows (to the right of this picture is the back door and added utility shed), the second is from March 5th, the third photo is from March 30th.




Below: The girls walking in from the front entry hallway and into the addition. If the girls turned to the left they would go down the six steps to the side entrance and the basement, if they turned to the right they would go into the front powder bath. April 8th.


Below: Two pictures of the mudroom and the mudroom bathroom from March 5th.


This is the view of the mudroom from the kitchen. IMG_7566

This is the future master bedroom. April 8th.



Below: The girls dancing in the future library that attaches to the master bedroom. Above their heads will be a glass transom window. To their left are the windows and the door out to the uncovered patio. To the right will be the master closet. In front of them is the existing hallway that leads to the rest of the existing house. IMG_8789

Below you can see the windows and door that will lead to the upstairs patio off of the library attached to the master.


Below you can see the girls checking out the master bathroom. In this photo they are standing where the claw foot tub will stand.


And here they are standing in the new shower right next to the tub. IMG_8771

This is the window that will be right behind my makeup vanity. To either side of the window will be stand alone soapstone sinks. IMG_8776

And here is the entrance to the closet. You can still see through the existing window into the future laundry room. We plan to make this old window gap into a laundry pass through from the closet into the laundry room!IMG_8780


Below you can see the entrance to the new master through the original upstairs hallway.


Here we are on date night! Bunker is walking around in the new master and I am standing in the future laundry room. This is the view through our fallen in chimney.

So, I think that catches us up on the addition framing.

Love and hugs!

Suzie (and Bunker and Bridget and Evie)

2 thoughts on “Small daily changes: Final interior framing edition.

  1. I love seeing your new home as the girls watch it change. You need to have the beautiful Suzie in at least one picture as the house history is recorded! Ymly


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