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Mid Point Status updates: Front Entry.

I thought this would be a good point in the project to check in on our before and during pictures. We broke ground on the renovation late November 2016, and we plan to be all snuggled up in our home for 2017 Halloween trick-or-treaters. That being said, I, the eternally unrealistic optimist, think we will be in our home late-September (and for the moment our builder does as well), but my ever pragmatic realistic husband is doing his best to keep my expected move in date a bit more fluid and more reasonable. All that being said, we have five months of solid positive hard work behind us and five or six months of equally substantial work ahead of us. Our project has reached that fascinating point where the written plans are now fully physical spaces. You can walk around the rooms and look out the window openings, you can feel the actual living space. At the same time, you can also walk through the framed walls from room to room, see from floor to floor through the holes in the floors, trace the wiring/plumbing/HVAC pathways throughout the walls and ceilings. This is an intimate moment where the backbones of the home, new and old, are exposed, strengthened, enhanced, and fully connected. As much as I cannot wait to see the windows in place, the lighting and plumbing fixtures installed, the wallpaper hung, and our own furniture in place, I am soaking up every moment of this uniquely developmental and crucial time in the life of our home.

In this series we will set our focus on the exiting home, since we covered the addition rather thoroughly in our previous series entitled Small Daily Changes: Foundation, Exterior Framing , Kitchen , Interior.

But first a little life update.

Below: Oh hi cute kiddos! I love and adore these babies!


Below: Our sweet family Easter weekend (10ish days ago).



Front entry before…


Front entry during:img_4927

Below: Adorable family walking from the front entry thorough the passageway under the staircase and into the addition den/kitchen.


Below: Passage from the front entry under the staircase and into the den/kitchen addition.


Below: Bunker walking from the front entry under the staircase (you can see the slanted supports above his head) and into the den/kitchen addition.


Below: Old kitchen. Bunker in the above picture would be walking through where the old refrigerator was standing.


Below: This opening, which was a bit winding and tight, was the original entry hallway from the front of the house to the back of the house. We moved this entry point to where to old refrigerator stands in this picture. This also enabled the enlargement of the bar, a rather important feature of the home as our couple nickname is Boozie (Bunker and Suzie…and we do love our evening aperitifs). This also allowed for the enlargement of the teeny tiny powder bath located between the walls of the bar and the living room. We added about one foot to the overall size of the powder bath (I know this doesn’t sound like a significant enlargement, but if you had only sat upon this tiny toilet within this tiny toilet closet, you would perhaps understand the monumental enhancement this little foot of bathroom space added to the overall home…further post to come). isluhox7xvvtbe1000000000

Below: Looking back from the old breakfast room/bar area to the front entry. Again, the area where the green board is now located (future location of the enlarged bar) was the old cased entry into the breakfast nook. The framed opening to the right of the green board that now lines up perfectly with the original cased front entry was once the location of the refrigerator, but now it leads directly into the new den area.


Below: Front entry pictures from Saturday night, April 22nd (date night!).


Below: The original cased entry that once terminated into a wall (with the kitchen refrigerator about five feet directly behind this cased opening). Now this entry will lead directly into the addition den and kitchen. If you turn to the right you will find yourself in the original front powder bathroom, and if you turn to the left you will go down five steps and find yourself next to the basement entrance and the small side exit door to the driveway. IMG_0331

As we conclude this post, it is rather clear that the front entry will remain basically the same. The changes in this area include the opening of the secret back staircase and the unwinding of the small front hallway that now leads directly into the new den/kitchen area. We will also add the most enchanting CFA Voysey wallpaper, in a post to come!

Love and hugs,



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