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Mid Point Status Updates: Powder Bath and Basement.

I have a cold. Not just the sniffles. This is the cold that actually makes you think you might be patient zero of a new super cold. I wish that I could just push the pause button and let myself recover for the next few days, but alas, I have a two year old who just had her tooth knocked out, a four year old who has her ballet recital Saturday (with rehearsals all afternoon tomorrow), kiddo swimming lessons to prepare for our trip to Florida in two weeks, puzzle time and book time and color time and pretend play time galore, and we are in the midst of our home renovation. Not my best week. But, next week will be better, and I will hopefully have the maturity to appreciate the feeling of health and a less full calendar. Because, I adore puzzle time and book time and color time and pretend time, those are the moments that make me happiest, and those are the moments that are lost amidst the busyness of our lives today. I am happy summer is around the corner so that we can regroup and relax a bit with an open schedule and hopefully (fingers crossed!!) no more illness, and we will also be that much closer to living in our home!

Our powder bathroom was originally a tad small, more than a tad, it was tiny. It is still tiny, but we were able to reclaim about a foot on two sides; one foot from the hallway which leads into the new den area (we removed the jog that previously had to go around the fridge in the old kitchen), and one foot from the old wet bar area which we will rebuild further out into into the new den.

img_2769 Below: Fixtures removed, December.


Below: Removal of old interior plumbing. Early March.

Below: View of the powder bath from the new den area. Here you can see the new door frame from the front entry (where the old refrigerator once stood), which allows a straight walkway from the front of the house to the back and eliminates the tight jog. This moved entryway also allowed for the extension of the powder bath by one foot. You can also see the former wet bar wall to the far left. There was a large dead space that housed old plumbing that needed to be removed, this is another area in which we gained another foot of bathroom space. To the very far left you can see the doorway into the dining room. This picture is from March 10th.


Below: Here we are on April 18th with the new plumbing pipes in place, new electrical wiring, and an extra two feet of interior space. Our powder bathroom is ready for the new plumbing fixtures, the new sconces, the tile walls, tile flooring, and tile ceiling. (Yes, all of our bathrooms will have tile floors, ceilings, and walls…more on this in a post to come).


The basement stair entry is just behind me when I took the picture above. When you walk in the front of the house and walk past the front staircase and then through the cased entry to the back of the house you can go right into the small powder bathroom, or go left and down a few steps and either exit the house through the side entry, or turn right and open the basement door and go down about 10 more steps to find yourself in our basement.

Below: Here we are looking down the few steps from the powder bathroom. The basement door is open. This picture was taken in May 2016 right after our purchase of the home.


Below: Here we are looking up the basement steps towards the powder bath. If you turned to the right at the top of these steps you would go back to the front entry and if you turned to the left you would find yourself in the new den area. This picture was taken in March 2017. img_4679Below is the side entrance to the house which is on the same level as the basement entrance door. img_4678

Below: Picture taken April 22, 2017. Here you can see the removed refrigerator from the old kitchen which was located on the right. In place of the old cabinetry next to the old refrigerator is now the newly constructed narrow closet which you can see from the side snuggled nicely between the small basement/powder bath hallway and the new den space. This narrow closet will be the electronic motherboard of our home (brought to us by my husband and my brother-in-law Andy).


Below is a close up of the basement entry and the side entry. As you can see, not much has changed and not much will change here.


Below: Basement upon home purchase, May 2016.

Below: Basement a week ago, April 22, 2017. Here you can see the new HVAC system.


Here you can see the exposed crawl space which is still in need of a nice debris removal. Also, you can still see several hanging items, their former purpose of which is fully lost on myself. These as well will need to be removed. IMG_0309

Hooray! New circuit boards attached to new wiring throughout the house (all in conduit)! Our whole house is no longer a fire hazard. IMG_0312

And of course, an old Budweiser can with the old pull tab top. When did they last make these? IMG_0315

Below you can see the new plumbing pipes in the crawl space, but you can also see all of the old wiring that still needs to be removed from the basement. We do not intend to spend much time in the basement, but we do plan to use this space for holiday decor storage and as a tornado shelter (we do live in Texas and we do need a clean space with food and water and wine and books and games in the event that we do need to take shelter, which happens at least twice a year). At some point we might do something more exciting with this space, but not today. IMG_0317

In other news: My plants from seeds and bulbs and roots are sprouting happily at my in-laws house (our long term temporary home during our renovation). Hostas (from roots), 4 O’Clocks (from seeds), and Elephant ears (from bulbs). I adore gardening, especially because my babies help me every step of the way, and I especially love sharing the bubbling excitement of blooms with my girls.

Also…Evie’s front tooth got knocked out and we met a kangaroo. Just another typical normal week. Ha!

Love and hugs!



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