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Mid Point Status Updates: Living Room, Dining Room, and Office.

I am still sick and now Evie, the 2 year old is sick. Bunker and Bridget are so far holding strong against the wave of illness, and I hope that continues at least until tomorrow night after Bridget’s big ballet recital! Well, life goes on, and so does the renovation. Thanks to everyone who has offered to help us out over the last few days, I feel very loved!

The living room was one of the rooms that captured my heart, and it continues to do so today. Below are pictures of the living room upon purchase in May 2016. The glistening light filtered through these large front window is warm and life giving to the space. I also love the placement of the living room in the overall house footprint. Unlike so many homes, the living room is not tucked off to the side of the house so that you rarely enter or use the space. Instead, the living room is at the center of the front part of the home. It is a space we will see, walk through, and use on a daily basis. This uniquely off center flow is one of the intriguing features of this house, and in our opinion, one of is greatest aspects. Less desirable components in this room include the tract lighting, the covered window, and the modern fireplace.


Below is a picture from April 22, 2017. Here you can see the removed tract lighting, the removed built-in bookshelves (the one on the left will be replaced in some fashion), and the exposed window that was hidden behind the other built-in bookshelf (this one will obviously not be replaced).


Below is Evie upon discovery of our hidden window. Here you can really see the setback between the original wall with the old window and the newer drywall.


Here is the view from the covered patio into the living room through our newly revealed 100 year old window. I still just don’t understand why this was covered in the first place.


Below is a side view of the window so that you can better see the old wall versus the new wall. Once the newish wall is removed, we will recapture about one foot of space in the living room, and regain the authentic feeling of this room, plaster walls and widows and all.  img_5537

Below is another side view towards the fireplace. Again, you can clearly see the open gap between the walls and the difference between the modern drywall and the original plaster wall. img_5542

Below is a complete side view revealing the open space between the modern wall built to conceal the old fireplace, old window, and old plaster wall. You can see all the way through this gap to the opposite wall. Next step here is to remove the modern fireplace and modern wall and see what we can do in regards to a more appropriate fireplace surround and repairing the plaster wall. img_5527

The dining room also stole my heart and is becoming an even more enchanting room as we speak. Below is the dining room in May 2016. This intriguing chandelier is in storage for safe keeping awaiting its return back home in the dining room in a few months. The gracious square shape of the dining room is intimate and grand feeling all at the same time. The door to the right in this picture leads into Bunker’s future office. The door to the left (which you cannot see in this picture) once led into the small breakfast nook and kitchen. It will now lead to the bar and den area and the new kitchen beyond. Behind the camera is the living room, connected to the dining room via a large cased opening.


Below: Anther view of the dining room with tour guide Sofia the First (aka Bridget in her costume of the day). Here you can see the door to the left which once led directly into the old breakfast nook/wet bar and then onward into the kitchen. IMG_2756

And below here we are April 2017. As you can see, not much will actually change in this room. We will repair the broken window to the right and we will add French doors that will lead to the covered patio. IMG_7479

Below you can see the outside of the dining room where the French doors will connect to the soon to be covered patio. Here you can also see the beginnings of our outdoor fireplace.IMG_9080

Below: This is a picture from April 22nd from outside of the broken window in the dining room. Here you can see the flow from the living room into the dining room. Bunker’s office is through the left door and new bar and den are are through the right door. Note all of the random holes in the wall. This is how you rewire a house with plaster walls. You open as few areas in the walls as possible and guide the wires, a bit blindly, through the walls. Beyond the dining room and into the living room you can see our new HVAC materials ready for installation.


The office and the front porch will not really change at all and throughout the renovation this room has served as our safe play, storage, meeting, and eating space. If you ever undertake a renovation like this, I highly recommend dedicating a room that will have the least amount of changes to be your home base safe from the dust and mess of construction. We have a plastic zipper door that helps keep this space a little less messy.

Below: Front covered porch off of Bunker’s office right after purchase in May 2016. The first thing Bunker did was move our Adirondack chairs from the front lawn of our old house to the front porch of our new house. I of course cried. So sweet and so precious. I love this space and we spend so much time out here watching the world go by.


Below is this same porch after the removal of the exterior shutter reopening this wonderful window into the living room.


Cute girls chatting on their front porch. These wooden banisters will need to be repainted but seem to be in really good shape.



Below: Some pictures of the interior of the office right after our home purchase in May and June. This room will change very little. We will install a new fan and new lighting fixtures and that is about it.




Below is what the office looks like today: playroom, dining room, meeting room, storage room all in one. Hi Elsa (aka Bridget and yet another costume).


And now I am off to snuggle with my fellow sickie, little miss Evie.


Love and hugs,

Suzie (and Evie)

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