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10 Years together and a lifetime together ahead.

Sorry for my absence as of late. We left town again, and upon return from our last trip I needed lots and lots of baby snuggles from my precious girls. I am finally getting my feet back on the ground and caught up on laundry, bills, groceries, and all those lovely mundane necessities of life. Anyways, we are back and I feel refreshed.

Bunker and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in our own little favorite place in the world. Well, we like to think of it as our own little magical place as we discovered it years ago together at a time in our lives when we desperately needed a life giving breath of fresh air. I think a few other people know about it and love it as we do. Seattle. It is indeed a large working city, set upon the breathtaking waters of the Puget Sound with towering mountains surrounding all sides. Seattle spans the breadth between sleek tech and industrial grit; it bridges that massive gap between yesterday and today, better than any place I know, and I love it. Old and new sit side by side, or even on top of each other. There is a steady enduring quality to Seattle. I am not sure if this feeling comes from the never ending water at its base, the not so distant mountain skyline, the massively historic trees, the century old buildings and homes used today as if they were built yesterday, the visible imperfections of buildings and life, the ever present clouds and rain. I really cannot untangle all of these feelings, but I do know I love this city, and it will be a place to which we will return over and over again.

Please enjoy some views of our trip.

For this trip we stayed on delightful Bainbridge Island directly across Puget Sound from Seattle (views to come). So, for our anniversary dinner at Canlis (the most divine restaurant that ever existed),  we boarded the $8 public transportation ferry and enjoyed the surreal view for 20 minutes as we crossed the Puget Sound.


And here we are at Canlis. If you are ever in Seattle, or near Seattle, or you just really want an enchanting evening with supreme service and imaginatively delicious food, then you should go to CanlisIMG_2466

This is the inspiration behind our soonish to be fabricated/installed range hood. We fell in love with this hood the moment we saw it many years ago, and we finally captured a  photo this time so that we can accurately recreate this hood, granted in smaller proportions, in our own kitchen. IMG_2470

Happy 10th anniversary to us!IMG_2471

Here is our magnificent view of Seattle on our trip back to Bainbridge. IMG_2474

Goodnight magically beautiful Seattle. IMG_2476

The next day we took another ferry over to Seattle and we just wandered and explored and wandered. Please enjoy some random pictures of Pioneer Square and SODO (South of Downtown).

How awesome! A new building built atop an old building right next to the new CenturyLink Field (home of the Seattle Sounders soccer team). This is in SODO, a rather up and coming area that was abuzz with activity the day we walked around due to a very animated soccer match between Seattle and Portland (I believe the score was 1 to 0…Seattle as the winner!).


Another vintage building with a new built right on top, with an electric bike store on one side, and the elevated highway and Puget Sound on the other. IMG_2491

A few more of my favorite captured images. IMG_2492IMG_2493IMG_2494IMG_2386

We have always stayed in the city, but this time we decided to stay on the peacefully idyllic Bainbridge Island. Even getting on and off the ferry was an adventure.

Here are our views from our house on Rockaway Beach on Bainbridge Island.



Looking directly at Seattle at 10 pm! Sun sets later in the Seattle summer than Dallas. IMG_2541

We found some lovely hikes around the island.


Goodbye for now Seattle, we will dream of you and see you again soon.


So then we came home to our lovely babies and some new ideas of how to bring a little bit of Seattle back to Dallas. More outside activity time, more shared meals of deliciously yummy food, more appreciation of the imperfections of everyday life, and certainly a renewed appreciation for our 101 year old home and a sense that this magnificent place is as much a gift to ourselves as it is a gift to our own Dallas community, one that bridges the gap between our past and our future.

The babies!!


Girls in their room counting all the holes in their walls needed to address the electrical issues.


Original cast iron 100 year old bathtub in place in the girls’ bathroom.


Checking out the view from the girls’ closet. Not the most practical use of space but the most magical place for dress up and for sisterly outfit consultation.


Girls looking out of the playroom windows.


Girls exploring the covered patio off the family room and kitchen.


Here you can see the future french doors from the original dining room out onto the covered patio. IMG_2791

Here you can see the almost complete ceiling of the rounded breezeway connecting the garage to the kitchen.


The brick for the addition arrived!


Goodnight from our precious girls.


Love and hugs,


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