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Solid Brick and Mortar…Ephemeral Video Tour.


Brick and Mortar: Textural, real, solid, sturdy, gritty, heavy, palpable.

Video Tour: Fleeting, clean, abstract, intangible, superficial.

What an odd pairing for tonight. But, actually, perhaps not so odd after all. I feel like this is the way life is today. We shop, work, communicate, travel, learn, explore, play, imagine, create, and connect on our computers or phones.  I wish I could go to each and every store and touch everything I wanted to buy. I wish I could talk to the people who made or grew everything I purchase. I wish I took the time each day to call my dearest of friends who live a million miles away, or half a mile away, but I don’t, I check out what is going on in their lives on social media. And for better or worse, that is life today. We are more connected and less connected all at the same time. So,  I wish I could take each and everyone of you on an actual tour of our house, where you could reach out and touch the bricks, hear the floors creak, see the softly filtered light; but alas, all of you do not live in Dallas, and the house is still under a “bit” of construction, and I do have two small babies who occupy the vast majority of my waking (and non willingly waking) hours.

So, please enjoy the images of our bricks going up on the exterior and the walking video tour of the interior. Hand in hand, bricks and mortar and video, working together to give you the simulated “real” tour of the house!

Here are some pictures of the house right before the brick began to go up and the set up necessary for brick laying.

IMG_3458IMG_3460IMG_3471 (2)

Below are two captured images of old and new mixed together. Once painted, I think these 100 year old bricks (salvaged from the rear side of the house where the addition was added) and 1 year old bricks will blend together into a cohesive exterior.

A view of the covered porch with fireplace.


A view of the back of the house with scaffolding and brick.


Breezeway and side of the house.

Bricking of the side of the house and the new den fireplace.


Where old meets new on the other side of the new fireplace.


Garage, fully bricked!


We will paint the new and old brick the same originally painted soft light gray color. Red brick is just very much not my personality.

Before we move on to the videos, our first fully restored window is complete! It is beyond gorgeous and functions flawlessly. An uncovered treasure.


Okay and now to the videos! This is my first attempt at a video tour ever, so please be patient as a improve my technique. I hope this gives everyone a better idea of the flow of the house!

Anyways. Technology is certainly not a replacement for brick and mortar. Nothing can replace the physical reality of being fully present in a place, being fully enveloped by the warm hug of a best friend, touching that fabric, seeing the vibrant colors, or smelling that ripe peach. But goodness, technology has brought us all closer in this ever widening and rapidly changing world.

As for our summer, it is very quiet and calm as Bridget is again sick with another basically never ending nasty cold and cough, sweet little thing is off the to allergist/immunologist Tuesday to investigate further. Full time camp mommy this summer is better some days than others, but I certainly am enjoying the unending snuggles and love from these precious babies!

Love and hugs,



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