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Home: Insulation from weather and life.


Home physically protects us from the cold winter winds and the scorching summer sun. Home emotionally protects us from the unpredictable and unexpected turns of life. The love in a home is vital, it is the heartbeat, it is the life, it is what makes this often sad and challenging world a safe and happy place. I love our supportive emotional home that we have created in our little family, and I love the physically strong home we are creating on Maplewood. It will indeed be a safe haven for our family and those we deeply love, physically and emotionally, for years to come.

We had a particularly challenging week. I got in a car accident, some of our tile from Germany broke during transport, and Evie swallowed her fake tooth while eating goldfish. Not an ideal week. But I have a kind and thoughtful husband and the most lovingly snuggling babies of all time, and so I fell safe, loved, supported, protected, and ready to face tomorrow with a strong and positive heart.

Here are some pictures from the Fourth of July at the lake! It was a delightful little escape from day to day life!



So…spray foam insulation is going in! I know this does not sound exciting, but it is indeed a big step! Insulation means that all of the in wall work (air conditioning and heating, electric, and plumbing) is finally complete. We are ready to enclose the house and move forward to cabinetry, tiles, floors, fixtures, painting, wallpaper, and all of those other wonderfully pretty things.

Insulation is essential anywhere, but especially front of mind as we delve into the midst of Dallas summer. We have already hit our second 100 plus temperature day, and we are on pace for several more before the delightfully cool breezes of October. In the meantime, we spend a lot of early early early mornings at the park before the slides and swings are too hot to touch.




Anyways, I have felt a bit on pause lately, but the insulation has given me a much needed fresh breath of invigorating air. We used spray foam insulation to insulate against exterior weather and interior sound. Please enjoy these pictures of our very recently spayed insulation.

Below you can see the den area insulation.


Close up of the spray foam insulation. IMG_4416

Here you can see the insulated small openings in the plaster walls (opened to facilitate the new electrical wiring) before they are patched with drywall. IMG_4418IMG_4419

Girls bathroom looking over the bathtub and out to the front lawn. IMG_4421

Here we are looking up into the attic. Lots of insulation!IMG_4424IMG_4425

Master bedroom insulation. IMG_4426IMG_4436

More to come this week regarding the restored windows, wallpaper, soapstone choices, and upcoming tile insulation. Thanks for following along!

Love and hugs,



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