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Stained Eaves.



The term eaves, or soffit, refers to the underside of the roof overhang beyond the exterior wall. The graciously large overhang of our eaves affords our home an extra level of protection from the sun and rain, and we have decided to draw further attention to this unique feature of the home. Rather than paint the eaves the same color as the home, we have decided to stain the wood a slightly darker than natural color. This will add a warmth to the home and bring deserved attention to this unique feature. Also, Bunker and I lived in North Carolina as newlyweds, and we fell in love with the stained eaves and porch ceilings we came upon on our evening strolls. Stained eaves and porch ceilings add glowing warmth, solid grounding, and noticeable definition to a home. I wish I knew the original color of our eaves, but they are burdened with so many layers of paint and rot we will never know. We removed the original beadboard and replaced it with identical fresh beadboard, which will be stained slightly darker than deep honey.

Here are some pictures of the eaves before removal, post removal, during replacement, and with new beadboard in place.

Below: Our house right before the removal of old eaves and replacement with new eaves.


IMG_4888 (2)



Below: A close up example of the beadboard eaves before removal and replacement. Not only were there some rotting issues, there was also this corner. Awkwardly not mitered and meeting at a sharply perpendicular angle. Not visually ideal.



Below: Here you can see the new eaves, perfectly mitered, meeting the old eaves. This picture was taken the moment we decided we wanted to have all stained, not painted, eaves.


Below: New eaves and outdoor ceilings on the addition.







Below: Old eaves removed.




IMG_6392 (2)

Below: Replacement of eaves underway.




Below: New beadboard eaves in place of the old on the original part of the house.



Below: Beating the Texas heat at the mall.


Goodnight…off to snuggle with Sofia the First.


Love and hugs,


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