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Finishing the Drywall and Moving Forward.


I still cannot believe that we now have fully defined rooms thanks to the drywall installers. Not only did they make quick work of a big and rather complex project, they also happily sang the days away while cutting, hanging, and finishing the drywall. They were a delightful group to be around, and I am thankful they took this project on so that we can now quickly move forward with the rest of home renovation.

The drywall installers are in the process of finishing the drywall with primer and texture, which transforms the drywall from this:


To this:


It is a breathtaking sight to see your visions of rooms and spaces become actual reality and we are delighted to walk through the spaces and look forward to the next steps of floors, tiles, cabinets, and paint. But first, let’s take a moment and review how the drywall is finished and check in on our plaster patchwork.

Girls had to sit outside for most of our meeting yesterday due to the strong smell. I think they very much enjoyed Curious George’s fun adventures more than they would have enjoyed our meeting.


We have three different drywall stories in our home.

-Story One: Everyday expected drywall application to our new addition.

-Story Two: Unexpected failure of plaster walls and ceilings due to prior renovations or water damage.

-Story Three: Patchwork needed in the plaster walls due to necessary small holes made to facilitate the in wall electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work.

Story One: Typical Drywall Application.

After the drywall (gypsum wallboard) is measured and cut to specific dimensions, the many individual pieces are then attached to the framing with specially designed drywall screws. After the drywall hanging process is complete, it is time to move onto tape and bedding. The goal of tape and bedding is to create the illusion that there is just one large smooth and consistent piece of drywall with no joints or seams or screws. This process involves drywall tape, several coats of joint compound, ample time for drying in between each coat, and sanding. Then the drywall primer and textured finish are applied and sanded down for a smooth and seamless finish over the entire wall surface.

Below: Hanging the drywall onto the framing.


Below: The joint compound material.


Below: Tape and bedding complete.


Below: Sanding down of applied finish, on stilts!


Story Two: Unexpected Problems.

In an old home, nothing goes perfectly or as planned. As we began this process, I expected to keep every part of our plaster walls and ceilings. Unfortunately, due to water damage, poor work in the past, or unexpectedly elaborate in wall work, we lost more plaster than I expected. Our future laundry room endured all of these problems, and then some.

We recently found out our laundry room ceiling was caving in, therefore, we had to remove the plaster ceiling to allow the addition of new supports to uphold the ceiling. Here you can see all of the plaster from the ceiling now on the floor. The plaster walls in this room were mostly removed (all except the wall with windows) due to the damage incurred when the original chimney caved in many years ago, allowing harmful water damage to penetrate the original plaster walls and framing. Perhaps we should not have been so surprised the ceiling was not as stable as we had anticipated?


Below: Here you can see the less than stable exposed laundry room ceiling.


Below: Here you can see the newly reinforced laundry room ceiling. You can also see the insulated walls and extensive plumbing running throughout the walls. This whole corner of the room was essentially rebuilt due to the caved in chimney and the master addition beyond.


Below: Here you can see the newly hung drywall in the laundry room. The white on the ceiling is what you find in most parts of a home, the blue is used in wetter locations in a home, like a laundry room or a bathroom, as it is made to resist moisture, mold, and mildew.


Below: Tape and bedding process underway in the laundry room.


Story Three: Plaster Patchwork. 

The girls’ room is the perfect example of plaster that needs drywall patchwork due to electrical and HVAC work.

Below: Here you can see the holes made in the wall and ceiling to work within the walls for electric and HVAC.


Below: And here you can see the same holes now with more regular borders. This makes the plaster more easily patched with perfectly measured and cut drywall pieces to fit in the holes.


Below: Here you can see the many layers of paint removed from the plaster walls prior to the full wall texture application.



Below: Many layers of paint removed.


Below: Adhesive backed nylon joint tape is used when patching plaster with drywall. Here you can see the perfectly cut plaster opening and drywall insert as well as the nylon tape.


Below: Tape and bedding complete and primer applied. Next up will be a final full wall applied texture to make the transition between original plaster and new drywall as undetectable as possible.


If we had unlimited time and unlimited funds I would have loved to replace all the damaged walls and holes with new plaster. But we have neither unlimited funds nor unlimited time, and therefore, this is indeed the best option for our home and our family. In the grand scheme of the original home, we lost very little plaster and added very little drywall, and we saved the plaster despite repeated requests for full plaster removal from every subcontractor who entered the home. But they all found creative ways to work around and protect the plaster and I am beyond appreciative and thankful.

Below: Oh hey, look what showed up today! Cabinets and wood flooring. Gangs all here and ready to be installed! I honestly cannot believe it!


Evie singing on her new Frozen Karaoke machine. It was the best toy for one day, until it broke. Seriously Anna and Elsa?


Love and hugs for the night!





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