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Floors Glorious Floors!


This is a rather quick post, and I will follow up with further information on the specific features and stains of the old and new hardwood floors, but I wanted to share some pictures of our quickly moving project! By the way, the wood floors were delivered two days ago, and all of the installation was completed yesterday. Wow!

We have gorgeously old white oak 2 3/4 inch wide wooden floors in the original part of the house that we are keeping and therefore needed to find as perfect a match as possible with a modern wood so that old and new wood floors would flow together seamlessly. We will have wood floors throughout the house and tile floors in the bathrooms and kitchen, no carpet. We had to pull up lots of carpeting from the second floor, and this revealed mostly healthy and fresh wooden floors, but of course as always with an old house there were a few unhappy surprises.

Below: Original hardwood floors in the dining room unveiled from beneath their protective covers for a few moments to check the visual similarities between this 100 year old wood and our brand new wood.


Below: Bridget standing in the dining room over a year ago!


Below: This new wood will be installed in the home addition and in a few places in the original home where the floors sustained damages due to previous renovations and carpet installations.


Below: Example of nice clean wood floors hidden under carpet. This wood will just need to be cleaned up and refinished.


Below: An example of an area of total loss of the wooden floors due to a concrete putty like mixture that was applied directly to the wooden floor underneath the carpet to conceal a significant dip in the second floor. Not only was this a sad discovery due to the loss of the floor, but also, we had to rip out a large area of the upstairs hallway to repair the sagging beams, reinforce with new beams, and prop up the floor from the living room ceiling below until everything was solidly realigned and supported!


Below: A little visual reminder of that challenging experience.

Below: Some pictures of our new wood floor installation in the addition and in areas where fully new floors were needed.



Below: Installation process where new wood meets old wood. You can only see a small strip of the old wood as the rest of the original wood floor is underneath the white protective floor guard.


Below: Fully installed!




Below: Where old and new wood meet.





Once the woods are both cleaned up and refinished and stained the same color I am hopeful that old and new will live happily side by side and age together gracefully throughout the steps and scuffs of life ahead.

We are keeping ourselves busy during the last few days of our summer! Painting with food.


Making sugar cookies.



And doing every puzzle we own…giving Sofia ample cozy box choices for nap time.


Love and hugs,



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