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Our cabinets are installed and they are everything and more than we expected. Solidly built, Shaker style, proportionally arranged, aesthetically beautiful, and cleverly useful. Mostly everything went in perfectly, but as always, there were some things that just didn’t fit. So with a few deep breaths, and cuts, everything now fits together just as snugly as if they had been there for 100 years.

Below: Girls enjoying the unseasonably cool August morning on the front patio.


Below: Post arrival, pre-installation cabinets delivered and stacked on top of each other!




Below: Looking from the front entrance back towards the den and kitchen.


Below: Standing just past the den entry looking towards the kitchen. Here you can see the soft separation between the kitchen and den. This is a design feature we have thought about and envisioned and waited to see in real life, and for our life, will work quite nicely. Yes, we want the kitchen and den to share the same moments and interactions, but we also want the kitchen and den to be their own uniquely used spaces. The answer was this open walkway, open counters, solid lower cabinets, and glass upper cabinets.


Below: The first attempt at the glass upper cabinet installation wasn’t perfect. It was too big and had to be rebuilt off site, and then was still too big and had to be cut down on site, but then all of the sudden it fit perfectly and our long thought out vision was a reality.


Below: Close up of the den to kitchen walkway and pass through area. Counters to pass food through to the den, closed cabinets to store puzzles on the den side and kitchen ware on the kitchen side, lighted wavy glass cabinets to display (but also use) lovely wedding gifts and glassware.


Below: Here we are looking from the kitchen back towards the den.

IMG_6983 (2)

Below: Here we are in the kitchen just past the pass through area. This piece is our built in cabinet which will hold all of our everyday glassware, mugs, cups, plates, and serving pieces. There will be wavy restoration glass in this cabinet which will hide a little disarray, but not all, and I actually love that.

IMG_6984 (2)

Below: Here we are looking from the walk through area towards the window bay area with the sink and dishwasher. You can see the refrigerator cabinet cut out to the far right and the open area waiting for the range to the far left.


Below: Looking at this same area from the mudroom.


Below: One of my two favorite cabinet features! Pull out trash cans with a small drawer on top to store trash bags.

IMG_6784 (2)

Below: The second of my two favorite cabinetry ideas. A pull out that houses a paper towel roll and dish soap and dishwasher detergent and all other types of things for the sink. I love an uncluttered counter, and this cabinet will help by leaps and bounds.


Below: And here we are looking more directly at the future range and, to the left, pots and cookie sheet storage below and prep area atop. The mud room is to the left.


Below: Here we are looking from the refrigerator back towards the built in cabinet and the mudroom.

IMG_6782 (2)

Below: Mudroom looking from the bathroom out towards the backdoor. Here you can see the open lockers, counter perfect for a lamp and calendar, open area below for dog bowls, full height broom and cleaning closet. The door to the breezeway and garage beyond will actually be a dutch door letting in lots of light and, if wanted, a nice breeze.

IMG_6788 (2)

Below: Mud room bathroom will feature a deep sink, nice for soaking muddy shoes.


Below: Back to the den looking towards the kitchen from the front enrty. Here you can see the low spot for our tv at perfect viewing height, our fireplace, and the window seat area. I love the continuous bench connecting old house to new.


Below: Looking back from the kitchen, we can see the span of the den bench integrating the window seat snuggled up to the back stairs, the hearth, and the tv area.

IMG_6792 (2)

Below: Here we can see the window seat set between the back staircase and the fireplace. Below the bench are drawers perfect for toy or blanket storage.

IMG_6797 (2)

Below: And here is a view of the whole den wall. I cannot wait to snuggle up in this window seat, next to a roaring fire, with football on the tv, and a delicious meal cooking in the oven. A lovely thought to get us through the next couple of long weeks of hard work ahead.


Below: Our bar. Perfectly set in the den and next to the dining room. Wine fridge and glass fronts to be installed.


Below: A feature we took from my parents’ lake house. Pull out bottle storage.


Below: The girls’ room. Remember that awkward step up in the corner of the girls’ room needed for the staircase headroom? Here are some pictures to jog your memory.

Here is the original room with the closet with a box built over the staircase headroom. The girls actually loved this “stage” of a closet. Oh look at Evie!! Such a baby!


Below: A side view of the old closet which hid the headroom needed for the stairs.


Below: Removed walls from the closet.


Below: Another view of the exposed stair head room. I wanted to figure out how to make this awkward space an asset rather than lost space. So, we ended up building in a bed nook over this area. A much better use of space than a tiny awkward closet.


Below: Here is the built in bed with bookshelves above and drawer storage below. The girls share a room now and will for the next several years. They both want this bed as their bed rather than a stand alone bed. Hopefully Evie will still be in her crib by the time we move in and so the question will be easily answered!


Below: Here is the view of the bed from the door.


Below: One more view of the bed, including the gorgeous view from the windows! A lovely room for two lovely girls.


Below: Girls’ bathroom storage tower and medicine cabinets above pedestal sinks.


Below: A few pictures of our preciously fun day at the Dallas Arboretum Children’s Garden, one of our favorite places in the world. We spent the day exploring and learning, playing and wandering, connecting to each other and disconnecting from everyday life all at the same time. I love this place and I love these babies.

IMG_6965IMG_6950 (2)IMG_6906IMG_6879

Below: Playroom bench and bookshelves.


IMG_6823 (2)

Below: Master bedroom tv/picture frames/books built in.

IMG_6809 (2)

Below: Master bed built in nook wired for sconces.

IMG_6816 (2)

Below: Master bathroom linen and bath storage. Glass cabinets above for perfectly folded towels and wood below for all other, less pretty, bathroom storage.


Below: Side view of our bathroom storage cabinet. Here you can see on into the closet beyond.


Below: Master closet with built in chest under a nice window to let daylight into the closet.

IMG_6813 (2)

Below: Master closet with built in chest to the right under the window and built in cabinet to the front which will have a pass through square into the laundry room for easy laundry access.


Below: My laundry/craft/creative room! I actually love doing laundry, and I adore sewing, painting, and crafts, especially with my babies. This will be our light filled space to be creative and messy, do homework and laundry, chat and let the mundane parts of life become actually enjoyable and memorable.


Love and hugs,



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