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Living Room Progress.

Sorry for the absence as of late. The end of our sweet and slow summer and the beginning of our full year ahead took a bit of getting used to. Anyways, the house is humming along at a nice pace. Today we will focus upon the living room fireplace.

Our living room is one of my favorite places in the world. It is at the center of our home, it glitters with sparkling light filtered through aged windows, it is one of the many reasons I love our home. I loved this room from the moment I walked through the front door (well, actually the back door, as the front door didn’t work for a while!). And now, as we have taken away so many layers of renovation (and paint), I adore this room even more, especially because it now looks more and more like it did upon completion in 1916. We still need to finish the fireplace with our soft green tiles (en route from Germany, more on our tile choices to come) and wooden surround, finish the trim work, and paint the walls; but I just adore this room and its gentle heartbeat that reverberates throughout the entire home.

Below: Living room upon purchase looking from the front entry and staircase towards the living room fireplace, dining room is to the left and front porch is to the right. Take note of the built in bookcases and more modern fireplace surround. All of these features were not original to the home, and we therefore decided to explore what was hidden behind these elements.


Below: Another view of the living room from the front entry area. This picture includes the gorgeously luminous front windows.


Below: Original living room looking from the dining room back towards the front entry and staircase.


Below: Featuring my most favorite windows in the home. Appealingly elegant and charming all at the same time. Perfectly proportioned and welcoming.


Below: And here we are with the bookshelves removed, and a 100 year old window revealed! Also, about a foot of previously enclosed space uncovered along with the original plaster walls hidden behind added drywall.


Below: A close up of the 100 year old window taking its first breath of fresh air in years and beaming with light.


Below: We fully removed the added drywall, revealing a foot of space, the soft green plaster walls, and the original fireplace.


Below: Here you can see the depth of the removed bookshelves and added drywall which encased the original wall and fireplace. I certainly thought we would find some hidden treasure or notes of some sort, but alas, no hidden treasure maps, but I certainly consider my original window, fireplace, and added space as treasures in themselves!


Below: Here you can see the smoke damage creeping up the walls, a warning sign which led to the rebuilding of the interior of the original fireplace.


Below: The plaster along the fireplace wall was unfortunately beyond repair, and we therefore removed all of it and began anew with new drywall.



Below: Here we are partially finished with the drywall process.


Below: Drywall complete and cast stone fireplace mantle removed.


Below: Fireplace fully rebuilt and awaiting tile surround and wooden mantel.


Below: Our future living room fireplace plan. Bunker and I are indeed perfectly paired for this project. I can come up with the visual ideas and aesthetics, but my goodness, I could never actually coordinate the correct measurements and dimensions. Bunker is an engineer; in education, heart, and mind. He can take any of my ideas and turn them into reality with a ruler and a mathematically engineered mind. He even added a picture of a roaring fire into the fireplace mock-up. I love him.


Below: Last summer nap.

FullSizeRender (4)

Below: Watching the full dumpster being hauled away.


Below: Last summer lake morning.


Below: Back to school!


Love and hugs,


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