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Trim Work: Molding.


Fall in Texas began yesterday, September 27th, at 4 pm. We started our walk at 3:30. It was sticky, sunny, hot, and still. All of the sudden, we turned a corner and felt an unexpected breeze as the clouds skipped above us and covered the sun, and then another refreshing breeze, and then a gust of wind, and then the leaves began to swirl down atop our heads. It was the most glorious feeling and we all soaked it up and enjoyed this precious moment, the beginning of Fall, the fresh breath of air, my favorite time of year.


Upon purchase, our home exhibited a plethora of crown molding pieces, each one differing from the next in size, profile, vintage, and quality. Most were not original and just not right for the house, others were damaged through previous work and even our own. In the end, we kept the crown molding in the office, dining room, and playroom.

Below: Dining room molding.



Below: Office molding.



Below: Playroom molding.


Our favorite profile of these existing moldings was the office, the soft cove. The roundness, the soft lines, the enveloping hug; all of these features just felt right for our home, and so that is how we decided how to proceed with the rest of the home.

Downstairs features a sizable cove molding anchored by a large flat lower backing detail.

Below: Looking from the new den/old kitchen back towards the front of the house through our reopened “secret” staircase.


Below: A close up of our new cove molding.


Below: Looking from the den/old kitchen into the new kitchen addition. Cute kiddos!


Below: Looking back from the den towards the front of the house. Here we can see (from left to right) the bar, doorway to the front of the house, electronics closet, and back staircase.


Below: Looking into the den from the dining room doorway and bar area. Kitchen is to the right.


Below: Looking from the kitchen into the mudroom. Here you can see one of the transom window openings, awaiting glass.


Below: A close up of the kitchen cabinetry between the den and kitchen.


Below: Kitchen molding. Here you can see (from left to right) the sink and counter area overlooking the backyard, the refrigerator space with cabinets above, and the pantry entry with transom window opening above.


Below: Front entry as you come down the staircase.


Upstairs we continued the cove molding, but we chose a smaller profile and omitted the lower detail in all rooms except the master bedroom.

Below: The girls’ room looking at the new coved molding set atop the older crown molding.


Below: Testing out the cove molding in the girls’ room on the original plaster walls.


Below: Girls’ room with new coved molding in place.



Below: The laundry/art/craft/homework room.


Below: The upstairs hallway looking into the master bedroom with transom above the doorway.

IMG-7796 (2)

In the master bedroom we decided to pull the larger cove molding piece from the  downstairs on up into the upstairs master area. We omitted the lower backer piece, but otherwise the cove is the same from downstairs.

Below: Master bedroom bed alcove. Very soon we will have an arched enclosure connecting these two bookcase towers which will make the bed feel as though it is encased in a cocoon. What a warm and cozy place for sleep and rest.


Below: Looking from the master entrance out towards the lovely windows overlooking the backyard.


The baseboards will stay mostly the same, but they all had to be removed and replaced because we needed to remove the electrical lines running through the baseboards.

Below: Baseboards before renovation.



Below: Baseboards during renovation.



Below: Baseboards removed to remove and replace electrical work.


Below: New baseboards in place.

IMG-7752 (2)

Below: A happy new resident. A beautiful reminder of finding life and joy thriving amidst a difficult environment.


Love and hugs,


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