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Fully Unveiled Exterior and Back Porch.



The protective covers over the eaves have been removed and almost all of the exterior painting is fully complete! The front railing still needs to be replaced and painted white. Here are some updated photos from this morning. Stain color is Cedar Bark, brick color is Illusive Green, and trim color is Extra White.










Below: Oh hi! Photo credit goes to five year old big sister!


This is the back of the house upon purchase.


And this is the back of the house today. You can clearly see the extension to the house on the far right which includes the new den and kitchen on the first floor, and the master on the second floor. You can also see the original part of the house in the center and on the left. A large part of the addition is open to the backyard, the large back porch covered on the first floor and open to the sky on the second floor. I love being outside, and in Texas, you can be outside the majority of the year (especially under a large covered area with a big fan in the summer months!). There is something calming about the outside air, the soft breeze, the fluttering leaves, the chattering birds, the deeply blue sky, the billowing clouds, the glittering sun, the unending dark night sky, the laughter of children, a barking dog. Sitting outside for even just a few moments can make me calmer and more relaxed and help me disconnect from all of the to-dos and worries of life.


Below: A further view of the back of the home. Here you can also see the breezeway attached to the garage.


Below you can see the future French doors to the far left. These new doors access the original dining room and allow for indoor/outdoor flow and dining. You can also see the windows and doors that will connect into the new den. Both the french doors and the den door will be glass with lighting patterns to match the original glass doors. I adore an outdoor fireplace; we have a fireplace on the first floor patio and the second floor patio. Although it is hard to believe (it was 93 degrees today, October 14th) it does actually get quite chilly in Texas. I think the best way to enjoy those chilly days and nights in Texas is with an outdoor fire. There is something intimate, peaceful, cozy, and connecting about an outdoor fire surrounded by the dark night sky amidst the cool breezes and rustling leaves. To the right of the fireplace will be the built in grill with the pass through window into the kitchen.


Below: Here we are looking from the back yard directly towards the open French doors into the dining room. Hi cute babies!


Let’s look back over the progression of the patio addition. Below you can see the back of the original house with the supports ready for the new exterior and interior additions.


And here you can see the foundation in place and the outside fireplace going up. You can also see the roughed out area for the new French Doors into the dining room, and the openings for the windows and doors onto the downstairs and upstairs porches.


Building the fireplace up to the second floor.


And here you can see the full height fireplace for the first and second floor patios.


Here you can see the fireplace to the right, the roughed out opening into the dining room in the center, and the study to the left.


Looking directly back at the house from the yard.


And now we can see the ceiling to the first floor patio and the floor to the second floor patio.



Here you can see the newly added patio ceiling/floor alongside the first floor study and the playroom on the second floor to the far left, and then the dining room on the first floor and the guest bedroom on the second floor in the middle, and then the den on the first floor and the master on the second floor to the far right.


Full view of the backyard towards the house.


Balance beaming.


And here we have fully bricked walls, fireplaces, and grill area. The ceiling also has bead-board.


Hi cute husband and all of our pretty doors! Behind him is the dining room with glass French doors to come.


Close up (from left to right) of the doorway and windows to the den, the fireplace with future TV above, the built in grill area, the pass-way window into the kitchen.


Here you can see the dining room doorway to the far left as well as the rest of the covered patio and the upstairs patio above.


And here we are looking from the patio back towards the new detached garage.


Upstairs patio: Hi cute husband! Looking out from the master onto the upstairs patio.


View from the upstairs patio towards the front of the house. Here you can see the playroom to the right and the neighbor’s house to the center and left.


And here is the view towards the back corner of the yard.


Looking directly down into the backyard from the upstairs patio.


And here you can see the fireplace, the window into the master, and the detached garage beyond.


And now with brick.



Finding flowers amidst grass and weeds.


And to end: back of the house before painting and staining.


After painting and staining.


Love and hugs ,


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