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Pulls, Handles, Latches, and Knobs.

The vast number of cabinet and drawer hardware choices precariously teeters upon the edge of limitless. Overwhelming describes the task facing anyone who undergoes the task of picking out their cabinet hardware. One must consider style, shape, size, finish, material, and mechanism (ring pull, bail pull, bin pull, drop pull, pull style latch, turn style latch, handle, or knob). Also, there are almost as many sources for hardware as there are individual pull options, ranging from Home Depot, to reclamation stores, to chic design galleries. Luckily, I began our project with a rather distinct and narrow focus regarding the style and types of pulls I wanted for our cabinetry. My criteria focused upon period appropriate styles, consistently compatible, softly rounded edges, pleasingly symmetrical, visually appealingly, and fully functional. It took several months of searching, finding the right retailers, narrowing down choices, changing my mind, and finally ordering samples. Most of my samples were just as expected and worked perfectly, however, some did not. Samples are perhaps the most important part of large projects! Whether the sample is a piece of tile, a paint color, a piece of glass, stone, a cabinet pull, brick, wood, or fabric, you must see things in person and in the intended space, not in the vacuum of your computer screen or even a physical showroom.

On a date night we took all of our choices over to the house and physically counted (and double checked) and wrote down the number of each pull, latch, knob, and handle needed for all of our drawers and cabinets throughout the house.

So, without further ado, our cabinetry hardware, to be installed after cabinetry painting is complete.

Below: Large tapered brass bin pull in antiqued brass finish. These will be found on the drawers in the kitchen, mudroom, den, bar, and girls’ bedroom. We ordered a few different versions until we found the correct dimensions featured in the piece shown below. 4 1/2″ long. Long enough and deep enough to fit several fingers underneath for a strong pulling ability. Function and form combined in the robustly strong, hard working piece.



Below is one of my favorite pulls. It is a petite Victorian style finger pull, smaller in person than expected. So, we have only ordered two and they will be installed in the top two drawers of my built in dresser in the closet. This piece it is not perfectly functional, but it is perfectly charming, and I couldn’t bear not to have it somewhere in the house.



Below is our pressed clear glass knob with a floral motif. Each bathroom will feature these knobs on the cabinets and drawers. They are charmingly effervescent with bouncing and refracted light. The patterning also reminds me of our arched leaded glass windows. I adore both the look and feel of these knobs. Even though they are glass, these knobs are substantial pieces with nice weight, height, depth, and width making them easy to use and delightful to admire.




Below, another favorite. These charming knobs will be on all of the cabinets and drawers in the laundry/craft/sewing/homework room. This is a mushroom glass cabinet knob in depression green. Not a large piece but pleasantly proportioned, delightfully luminous, and especially charming in the depression green finish.




Below are our polished chrome turn latches for the medicine cabinets in each bathroom. The polished chrome finish will match the plumbing fixtures.



Below is our large aged brass handle which will be used for most of the cabinets in the kitchen, mudroom, and bar.



Below is our floral aged brass knob which will be found in the kitchen, den, and master closet. I love the delicacy of the petals, the aged sheen, and the depth of shadow.


So, after months of looking, deciding, re-deciding, sampling, and finally ordering, we are almost ready to install these tiny utilitarian pieces; tiny parts that will hopefully make a pleasantly large impact on the entire home.

If anyone would like to know where we got these pieces feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to share.

Precious babies below.


Learning how to be a firefighter!


Researching Texas plants with the most precious helpers ever. PS…it is not Easter, just one of our favorite shirts.



Such a kitten cat.


Love and hugs,


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