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What lies beneath?




What lies beneath the carpet on the staircase? This is a question I have wondered for about a year and a half. We left the staircase carpet in place during the remodeling process in an effort to protect the wood beneath. And now, as we are nearing the end of our project, it was finally time to pull up the carpet and see the wood below. I, the eternal optimist, assumed the wood would only need light refinishing to erase the damages of the carpet application. Unfortunately, upon carpet removal it became rather clear that we will need to do a bit more than I expected. There are several significant cracks, protruding nails, and residual damage from multiple rounds of carpet application and removal.


It will take significant refinishing work and some new pieces of wood to bring these stairs back to life. Not what I expected, but certainly not an insurmountable task, and one we are happy to take on to bring life back into the staircase of this magical home. Once repaired and refinished, these stairs will support our feet everyday; whether they be weary and heavyhearted or happy and bright, quietly tiptoeing or loudly stomping, energetically bounding or delicately fragile, four legged fluffy feet or two legged pink and purple painted bare toed feet. Whatever the feet, these stairs will support them today, tomorrow, and always.

A parting picture. We had just bought the home, and this little one was just a precious little baby!


Love and hugs,


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