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Happy Thanksgiving and Girls’ Bathroom!

The girls’ bathroom is almost fully complete and we are beyond delighted! Glowing warmth and glittering elegance embrace you in a nostalgic hug.


Over the next few days we will look at each of the bathrooms. Each bathroom features a unique color based upon the accent tile. You can read more about the hexagonal floors in this previous post: Bathroom floors.

I have always gravitated towards Art Nouveau (also referred to  as Secession and Jungdenstil, among other names), art, architecture, and design; an organically inspired artistic style and a refreshing break from the staid academia at the end of the 19th century. Through one of my many internet wanderings one night I stumbled upon this bed and breakfast in Antwerp, a magical home dating from 1890. We have not yet visited, but we will in the future as I very much fell in love! Boulevard-Leopold.

Below: Here is the image that inspired all of our bathroom walls and overall atmosphere.


Based on the the inspiration that the hotel provided, we chose an Art Noveau decorative wall tile to inform each of the color schemes that the bathroom would follow.

Below: Here is the featured tile we chose for the girls’ bathroom.


The girls’ bathroom features the most charming coral floral design anchored with deeply green curving stems elevated over an almost mint green background. This cheerfully flowing design makes me think of my precious babies. But it is not just the design of these tiles that I love. I love the depth created by the moulding technique, a technique first utilized to create deeply colored and dramatically three dimensional Art Nouveau tiles in the late 1890. This technique is utilized by very few people today. The process involves impressing each tile with embossed contour lines and then hand filling with richly colored slip glazes.

We searched months before we found a company that utilized these traditional techniques, recreating not only the original Art Nouveau designs but also the authentic depth, crackling glaze, variation in color, and unique character. We found several that seemed similar online, but in person they all lacked depth, color, character, and authenticity. Apparently, there is no shortcut to achieving the classic three dimensional designs and glittering glazes; a combination that makes these tiles interactive with their environment, adding an element of movement and effervescent life to something seemingly static and unchanging.

We finally found Golem Tile, based in Berlin, Germany. Thank you to Golem Tile for the most magnificently crafted tile, bringing life giving essence to all of our bathrooms. Once we received our accent tiles from Golem Tiles we then sent one of each to American Restoration Tile to perfectly match the colors for the hexagonal floor tiles and the rectangular border tiles on the wall. We then used Daltile white 4 x 4 tiles from Home Depot for the remainder of the walls. We were a bit nervous about how these three sets of tiles from three different parts of the world would all come together. Now that it is all installed we can breath a big sigh of relief and happiness!

Below: Color matching our accent tiles and our hexagonal floor tiles with American Restoration Tile.


Now, please enjoy some images of the Art Nouveau tiles and the girls’ bathroom.



Happy Thanksgiving and love and hugs!

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