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In any home renovation, just like in day to day life in general, there will be moments of miscommunication. Sometimes it is just best to find the humor in these misunderstandings and then move forward with a more fully communicated plan. This was one of our favorite misunderstandings with a solidly stated new plan as a result!

We are putting full length mirrors in three locations throughout the home. On the playroom wall (optimal for twirling practice), on wall in the master closet, and on the closet side of the girls’ bathroom door. The placements were noted and dimensions carefully measured by one person. About a month later, the mirrors were installed by another person. About a minute after we saw it installed, we knew there was a miscommunication.

Below: Girls’ closet before mirror installation. The mirror was to fit inside the trim on the closet door.


Below: Ooops. This is not where the mirror was supposed to go. To fit on the back of the closet door the mirror would need to be much smaller. So where did this large mirror come from? Where was the small mirror for the back of the closet door? When did the miscommunication occur; during the initial conversation, during production, or during installation? After some investigation we figured out that the mirror incorrectly installed in the girls’ bathroom was supposed to be the mirror on the wall in the master closet. It would have fit perfectly in the space allotted. Apparently, the installers even had to cut the mirror down to accommodate for the lower ceiling in the girls’ closet. Mystery solved. But now how to make sure the same mistake does not happen again?


Below: Problem solved! Clearly communicated through the written word in the exact correct location of the large master closet mirror!


Below: Unfortunately we will need to repair the girls’ closet wall, but fortunately we get a sneak peak at how solidly the mirrors will be attached to the walls.


Today was the perfect day for a visit to the Perot Museum! One of our favorite places to learn and play. The Journey to Space exhibit is a perfect family learning experience!


Love and hugs,


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