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Powder Bathroom.


The powder bathroom was rather tiny and a bit beige upon purchase.


Through the renovation, we gained a little less than a foot of usable space, but those few inches made a large difference in the functionality of this small powder bathroom. To see a full explanation of the powder bathroom “expansion” please see this previous post: Basement and powder bath. 

Our powder bathroom is still small, but it is certainly no longer beige! I adore the graceful blue and white bell-like floral petals delicately suspended over a breathy gray background.




Below: This was our first bathroom for wall tile installation, and so it was important to take our time to turn our paper drawn diagram into physical reality. My adorable and bright husband created this diagram below; a diagram that held perfectly true and accurate throughout all of our bathroom tile installations! Please see this previous post for further information on the bathroom wall tiles: Happy Thanksgiving and Girls’ Bathroom!  And please review this post for the bathroom floors: A Glimpse: Bathroom Floors.


Below: We began by laying out the pattern on the floor.


Below: Installation in progress.


Below: Tile installed but not yet grouted.



Below: Completely tiled and grouted. Still awaiting lighting fixtures and my most favorite mirror ever that my mom and I bought from an antique store in Gun Barrel City, Texas for somewhere between 50 and 90 dollars (we cannot remember) when I was in middle school …pictures to come.


Thanks again to Golem Tile for these breathtaking tiles!


Below: Checking the mail and the house today with our precious babies!


Below: Girls’ checking out their playroom mirrors. I think they like the mirrors!



Below: Baby snuggles…photo credit big sister.


Below: Baby snuggles…photo credit little sister.


Love and hugs,


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