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Mudroom and mudroom bathroom.


So, as I said last post, our power is on!! This is huge, and I cannot actually wrap my mind around the fact that we are now on the other side of this massive leap. We had to re-do all of the wiring in the house due to the 100 year old knob and tube wiring. This was not an easy, painless, or short process due to our plaster walls and the code requirement for all electrical wires to be run in hard conduit; a rather difficult combination. But, we did it, and we are on the other side, and we can now enjoy a very safely lit house with brand new wiring behind our 100 year old plaster walls.

Tonight we want to share a bit of the mudroom and the mudroom bathroom. The mudroom is the room we will walk into and out of everyday of every week of every month of every year. It needs to be cheerful and welcoming; ready to send us off into our days with an encouraging embrace, and greet us back at home with a warm hug.

Below: Walking into the mudroom from the garage.


Below: Looking from the mudroom bathroom back through the mudroom and out towards the garage. A deeply grey hexagonal tile is hidden beneath the protective covering; excited to see this tile again after being hidden for weeks.


Below: Looking from the kitchen back into the mudroom. Please note the transom window above the doorway allowing the light to flow from one room to another.


Below: Mudroom bathroom accent tile from Golem Tile.


Below: Mudroom bathroom deep soapstone soaking sink. Perfect for all those messy shoes and clothes after a long day of outside playtime.




Below: Mudroom bathroom before grout, paint, and soapstone installation.



Below: Tiled wall and floor meet. Floor tiles from American Restoration Tile.



Below: Grouted tiles aglow with light; even though the lights are upside down, it is still beautiful! Mirror and right side upped lights to come.



Love and hugs,


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