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Be Our Guest.


Our guest bathroom is a bit small, but what it lacks in size is more than made up by its joyfully vibrant tiles. Please reference these previous posts for further information on our wall tiles from Golem Tiles and our floor tiles from American Restoration Tile: Wall Tiles; Floor tiles. This current bathroom space was once two closets separated by a wall. One closet was for the guest bedroom, and the other closet was in the hallway leading to the master bedroom. The new layout is a better use of space for our home and provides a much needed bathroom that can be accessed from both the guest bedroom and the playroom hallway.


Below: Close up of the tiled floors.


Below: Close up of the shower soapstone curb and tiled floors. Please note the drain is off center. A rather important (aka structural beam) runs directly beneath this shower, and therefore we had to move the drain to avoid the beam. Rather than seeing the drain as off-center and imperfect, we see this as a reminder that this is indeed a 100 year old home.


Below: I love how the wall tiles encircle the entire room! Also, tucked away on the left side of this picture is a helpful storage tower perfect for towels and soaps and the like.


Below: Shower!


Below: Bathroom before mirror and lighting installation.


Below: Post lighting and mirror installation looking from the inside of the shower back towards the sink, lights, and mirrored medicine cabinet.


Below: Close ups of the small but efficient pedestal sink and the classic cross porcelain accented handles alongside the elegantly curving faucet.



Below: A close up of the tile pattern. I adore the various depths of blue and the almost heart shaped intertwined lilies; giving the illusion that along the edges of a deeply blue lake and underneath a crisp spring sky, a chilly breeze wrapped these lilies together into an organically enveloping embrace. Lovely and soothing. A beautifully natural moment in life caught for a lifetime in our shimmering tile.


We played with this umbrella all afternoon…who knew umbrellas were so much fun!




Love and hugs,


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