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Master bathroom.

And now, my favorite bathroom tile; quintessentially Art Nouveau in design, profoundly deep saturation of color, intricately interwoven ribbons of life, elegantly delicate and yet substantially bold flowers that physically push beyond the top linear boundary.

Please see this previous post for more information on our Golem Tiles: Girls’ Bathroom.


Below: Before bathtub installation.


Below: Double slipper tub installed.


Below: Shower before plumbing installation.


Below: Girls checking out the shower.


Below: Shower after plumbing fixture and lighting installation.



Below: Vanity area with tile work in progress. You can also see the doorway to the closet on the far left and the doorway to the toilet closet with a small window.


Below: Another view of the tile work in progress around the vanities.


Below: Bathroom vanity area before lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and medicine cabinet mirrors installed. Soapstone sinks and counters covered under protective paper. Please note the pretty hexagonal floors! For more on our hexagonal tile bathroom floors from American Restoration Tile please refer to this previous post: Bathroom floors.  The lower area in the middle is my make up vanity. I love natural light for makeup application, so this little nook will be the perfect spot to sit down for a moment and get ready for the day ahead.



Below: Lighting, plumbing and mirrors installed.


Below: Close up of one of the soapstone sinks, medicine cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and lights.



Below: Storage cabinet with restoration glass cabinet fronts and pressed glass floral knobs.



Below: Close up of the tile pattern.


Love and hugs,


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