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Front Fireplace.


Tonight we will give you a quick look at the newly completed front fireplace! I will go into more detail tomorrow, as we are on our way out to dinner after a multiple kiddo birthday party day. Let’s take a quick look at the almost complete fireplace (still needs grout) and a look back in time.

Below: Graciously large, gorgeously deep green tile, dark mahogany stain atop red pine wood, all coming together to be the focus of our living room. I like to imagine a fireplace very similar to our creation stood in this very place 100 years ago.


Below: Fireplace with built-ins that the house had when bought it. Features that were not original to the home.


Below: Fireplace wall with hidden window revealed and built-ins removed.


Below: My husband’s perfectly scaled design, roaring fire insert and all!


Below: Fireplace as of today! All we need to do is grout the tile and add logs. I cannot wait to enjoy a cozy evening at home reflecting on our day in front of this elegantly warm fireplace.


Love and hugs,


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