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Follow up on the Front Fireplace.


Tonight we will follow up upon my previous post: Front Room Fireplace. I wish we knew what the original fireplace looked like. We know the view below was never seen by the original home owners. Although this newer layout featured an attractive contemporary stone fireplace and handsome cabinetry, it lacked depth and character. This wall seemed stylistically disconnected from the rest of the home; we soon learned the disconnection was far more than skin deep. The visible wall below was literally built 12 inches in front of the original wall; a wall, window, and fireplace box captured and frozen in time, a forgotten hidden treasure for us to discover.


Below: New wall and cabinetry removed; time worn plaster wall, brickwork, and window revealed. I remember the first moment my eyes set upon this view; I was nervous, excited, curious, and a bit unprepared for the huge project that we had just barely begun. This was our first big step towards bringing life and laughter back into this lovely home. The happily shining light that tumbled into the living room through the formerly shuttered and hidden window felt as though the house was saying thank you.




Below: Wall fully repaired and stone fireplace surround removed.




Below: Newly built firebox and base for our new wood and tile mantle.


Below: My amazing husband created a perfectly scaled template. We utilized this template to order the correct number of tiles and physically layout the actual fireplace.


Below: Mapping out the correct arch trajectory.


Below: Trim work beginning to take shape.


Below: Tile work complete.



Below: Trim work almost complete.


Below: Fireplace stained and nearly complete, just needs grout!


Below: Some close ups of this magnificent fireplace. Please note the stylized floral accent tiles. Square and accent tiles from Golem Tile.


Like I said, I do not know what the original fireplace looked like, but I like to think it was something similar, graciously warm and inviting, deeply imbued with the quiet elegance of days gone by.


And as of tonight the fireplace is fully complete, grout and all.


Love and hugs,



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