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The Bar.

Upon purchase, the “bar” was a bit lacking in character and perhaps even alcohol. It was a small area in the breakfast room, situated between the kitchen and the dining room, more akin to a small butlers pantry than an actual bar.


We enjoy our evening cocktails and we love entertaining, so a proper bar was an essential addition. We added very little actual space to the bar area, but within that space we created an elegantly useful bar. A gracefully friendly space, ready for friends and family to gather around for a drink, and easily approachable so everyone can feel comfortably at home enough to happily refill their own drinks. We still need our wine fridge, but otherwise our bar is ready to be filled with luminous glasses and glittering bottles.


Let’s watch our bar take shape over the past year.

Below: Original bar (far left), breakfast room, and kitchen removed; addition begun. Dining room is through the left doorway, front entry is through the middle doorway, and back staircase is still enclosed in the previous pantry on the far right.


Below: Back staircase exposed (see further via this post: back staircase),


Below: Drywall complete. Bar to come in the far left corner with the dining room through the far left doorway. Powder bathroom and front entrance through the middle doorway. New electrical/media closet to the right, and newly exposed back staircase just out of view on the very far right.


Below: Cabinetry partially installed.


Below: Cabinetry fully installed.


Below: Cabinetry and trim work complete. Here we are looking from the middle of the family room towards the bar, front entry, media closet, and back staircase.


Below: Painting complete and restoration glass installed.


Below: White tile from Golem Tile installed. Adorably cute faucet, also, the largest we could comfortably fit in the allotted space!


Below: Soapstone counters installed.


Below: Pulls installed.


We are beyond ready to toast our sweet friends and family who have supported us through this beyond exciting but also challenging adventure! Come on over, ring the doorbell; I promise to always have chilled wine, comfy chairs, and a friend ready to chat about the ups and downs of life. Cheers!


Our beyond precious snuggling babies.


Love and hugs,


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