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The Library.


I love books. I love the physical presence of an actual book; not just while reading the book, but also when I run across it sitting upon my shelf years later, perhaps picking it back up for another read, or just remembering the treasures hidden within the bound pages. For me, my library will be the coziest place imaginable. Familiar books stacked from floor to ceiling, windows amidst the treetops, a comfy chair, warm light, and hopefully at least one snuggling baby, cat, or dog.

Below: My library, aglow with light in the midst of night.



Below: Flooded with mid day sunlight streaming though the wall of windows.



Below: Close up of the sconces and bookshelves.


Below: Looking from where my comfy chair will be back out towards the nighttime second floor deck.


Below: A little earlier on in the process, girls peeking out the library windows out onto the second floor deck.


Below: Very early on the process; looking from the library on out towards the upstairs porch. Cute husband!


Below: Looking from the library back towards the upstairs hallway. Note the transom window above the doorway. We chose a glass door to allow the light from the library windows to flow on into the hallway.


Below: A little earlier in the process, looking from the library back towards the upstairs hallway. Happy babies.


Below: Glass library door reflecting the outside view. Gorgeous doorknob. Adorable child.


Below: My snuggling babies.


Below: My snuggling fur babies.


Love and hugs,


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