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Wood floors gleaming again!

Our wood floors (both old and new) are fully refinished and stained. Please see this previous post for further information on our wood floors: Floors glorious floors. We matched the original wood stain as closely as possible; a deep antique brown with hints of red to add a glowing warmth (75% Rosewood and 25% Red Sedona). The floors look today as they did 100 years ago; bursting with lustrous new life and yet still solidly connected to the past.


Below: We sanded down a small area in the living room so that we could compare the new stain options directly next to the original floors. We chose the second from the left.


Fully finished floor photos below!

Below: Living room.



Below: Looking from the dining room into the living room on out towards the front yard.


Below: Looking from the living room on into the dining room and on out towards the backyard.


Below: The study.



Below: Looking down from the stair landing towards the front entry.


Below: Looking from the landing down towards the new den. Please note, the steps are new wood.


Below: Looking down from the second floor towards the landing.


Below: Upstairs playroom hallway.



Below: Girls’ room.


Below: Guest room:


Below: Laundry room.


Below: Master bedroom. This room has new wood floors as it is part of our addition over the kitchen below. The consistency of the white oak wood and the stain creates a seamless flow throughout the entire home.


Below: The playroom floor suffered rather sever damage due to the tar like adhesive used for the carpet. Amazingly, after a lot of peeling and sanding, the original wood floors survived! There are some imperfections in the floors. Rather than seeing these imperfections as blemishes, I see them as proof that we can all recover from something when all hope seems lost; we can all come back and live a fuller more peaceful life than we ever could have before.


Below: The tar removal and wood sanding process.


Below: And here you can see the fully refinished playroom floor!



Below: Here you can see the discoloration we could not fully remove; reminders of resiliency.


Love and hugs,



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