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Vent Hood and Range.


Our vent hood was one of the most difficult features of the home to get just right. Our inspiration originated in our favorite restaurant in our favorite city: Canlis. Located in Seattle, Canlis is an impressive dining destination; a restaurant with deep family roots, culinary prowess, enchanting piano music, comfortable elegance, sweeping views, and unmatched service. We dined at Canlis for the first time almost three years ago, long before our current home project. As we dined, we were mesmerized by the commanding presence of the copper vent hood separating the dining room from the kitchen. We talked wistfully about how elegant that vent hood would look in our own kitchen, but it would not have worked in the kitchen we had at the time. Anyways, we had forgotten about the vent hood idea until we returned to Seattle and Canlis two years later at the beginning of our new “old” home project. That evening we decided to bring a little bit of Seattle and Canlis home by recreating the copper vent hood in our own home.

Below: Our picture of the Canlis vent hood.


Below: Dining at Canlis this past May for our 10th anniversary!


I didn’t want just a copper vent hood; I wanted the clean angularity, the profile depth, and the smooth copper of the Canlis vent hood. It took a significant amount of planning and research to scale this design down to the correct size for our physical space; work done mostly by my talented husband!  He even built a perfectly scaled model so we could see the future vent hood in the intended space. And yes, that is a bed sheet draped over plywood.  Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective!


Below: Several months later, here is the vent hood partially installed over the soapstone back splash.


Below: And here the vent hood is fully installed with gas range and electric ovens in place below as well! LM Fabrication did a wonderful job turning our design into reality!


Below: Close up of the soapstone back splash.



Below: I adore gas burners, but I am less happy about gas ovens due to past experiences with temperature irregularities and unexpected shut offs. Here we have the best of both worlds with a gas range top and electric ovens below! So glad Wolf has this option. I especially love the combined temperature dials and displays.


Below:  View from the den on into the kitchen.


I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas filled with warm love and sweet memories! Our Christmas was not what we expected, but it was eternally memorable and a Christmas we will hold close to our hearts forever, rainbow unicorn paper plates and all.



Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!



Love and hugs,


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