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Laundry/Craft/Creative Room.

Our laundry room began as a bedroom with a fallen in chimney. It is now a buoyantly joyful spot in the home; perfectly functional for the daily task of laundry and ironing, but also delightfully inspiring for painting and creating. Please see this previous post for a more in depth look at the laundry room progress: Laundry room. 

Below: Our large soaking sink, perfect for delicate clothing care, but also a nice spot to clean messy paint brushes and unintentionally painted hands.



Below: One of my favorite features of the entire home is this exposed interior plaster wall. This is the wall between the laundry room and the attic staircase. During renovations, the plaster on the laundry room side of the wall literally fell off. My parents had the wonderful idea of leaving the wall exposed so that we could always enjoy the visual and historic uniqueness of the interior of the plaster walls throughout our home. Not only does this wall give us a view of the interior of all our plaster walls, but also a peek back in time highlighting the balanced and strong partnership between geometrically stable wood lathe and organically oozing plaster. The juxtaposition of the brand new electrical and AV wires running through the 100 year old wood beams, wood lathe, and plaster is a visually pleasing testament that new and old can indeed live together, support each other, and apparently create a rather unexpected piece of art. We placed three pieces of tempered glass to enclose the wall. The glass gives the added benefit of reflecting the light and life within the laundry room.


Below: This is the door that leads to the attic staircase.


Below: My favorite lighting fixtures found here and also in the kitchen.

Below: I love this large work surface. After years of folding piles of clean laundry (often a day or two or three later) on the hallway floor, I cannot wait to literally turn around from the dryer and fold freshly cleaned laundry on this butcher block while I gaze out my glistening windows. It will also be the perfect work space to spread out for sewing, painting, crafting, and homeworking. We simply oiled the butcher block, bringing out the light honey color and vibrant variance in each piece of wood.



Below: Washer and dryer installed!

Yesterday was a monumental day for our home and our family; we began moving our furniture and our lives back into our home! Almost all of our belongings have been in storage for a year and a half. Each box is like a time capsule. Each piece of furniture is finding its place. And we are finally home!


We still have lots to share about the house so please stay tuned!

Love and hugs,


4 thoughts on “Laundry/Craft/Creative Room.

  1. Love the wooden work surfaces in your laundry room. Have enjoyed following your renovations this past year and am looking forward to what’s to come next year!
    Wishing you & your family a Happy New Year!

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  2. Love those light fixtures! And that wall color in the room with the crib! AND that crib! I could go on and on… We live in an older home (1930s) that was remodeled in the 60s, so most of the charm is gone! Love seeing pictures of yours!

    Liked by 1 person

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