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Backyard…feels like home.

Sorry for the absence as of late; moving and life and such.

We are finally home! We still have a bit of work to do; but we are home, and it feels deliciously warm and cozy. Today was cold. It has been cold (at least for Texans) for the past two weeks. But today, despite the 30ish degree temperature, we took advantage of the brilliantly shining sun and our almost finished backyard. We ran, chased, laughed, giggled, and basked in the precious carefree moment of this afternoon.

Ever since the moment we stumbled upon this home we envisioned this moment. The full stride runs, the belly laughs, the shimming sun; all underneath the wisest most graceful trees. This was the most lovely afternoon, and I will cherish it always. Please see this previous post from over a year ago regarding our backyard: Trees.


The backyard didn’t start out like this!  Upon purchase the trees and much of the ground were vine covered, several bushes had grown into small trees, incomplete stone pathways wandered about the yard, weeds outnumbered blades of grass, and the far back was completely covered in densely thick bamboo. We knew the big yard was something special, but it was hard to envision what it would become.

Below: Here is the backyard upon purchase.



Below: Here is the view from the second floor. Laying out the potential footprint of the addition and detached garage with green tape.


Below: The tape actually helped us to envision how the house would live in the yard. We loved the size of the yard and wanted to make sure that the house would work in the space so that our girls would have plenty of room to run and play.



Below: Bamboo removal in progress! Allegedly the SAE’s from SMU would come by once a year to cut down the bamboo for a Tiki party, but apparently the guys found another bamboo supplier years ago!


Below: After the removal of the bamboo, several bushes, and a few smaller trees.



Below: Backyard during construction.

img_5604IMG_5659IMG_3471 (2)IMG_8932

We did not want a pool, we did not want extra patio spaces beyond those attached to the house, we did not want elaborate garden spaces, we did not want wandering pathways; we wanted our ancient trees to shade a large expanse of grass, perfect for running and playing upon, and eternally peaceful and calming to look upon. We decided to use artificial grass due to our large tree cover. It is also low maintenance and ensures year round playtime.

Below: Looking at the yard from the back of the house on towards the back of the yard.


Below: Here you can see our planting beds ready for more ferns, elephant ears, and viburnum. You can also see our brand new pear tree, ready to grow and bloom in the years to come.


Below: Looking from the front gate towards the backyard. Here you can see our newly planted Ginkgo tree.


Below: Looking from the backyard towards the front gate. And look at that gorgeous Texas morning sky!


Below: Looking at the yard from the breezeway.


Below: Looking toward the house and yard from the breezeway and garage door.


Below: Looking back towards the house and breezeway.


Below: My view from my kitchen window, blissful.


Love and hugs,


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