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Front Entry and Staircase.




Sorry for not writing recently. We just returned from a magical trip to Disney World, and then promptly got sick. We are finally healthy and the laundry from the trip is finally clean and put away. It was the most enchanting time together with my sweet little family, a time away we very much needed after our large project. Preciously memorable and engagingly delightful, in all, a delightfully lovely moment in our lives we will hold close to our hearts forever. Here is a tiny sampling of the millions of magical Disney pictures!



What a wonderful trip! But, it felt so comforting to come home to our sweet home after our trip, especially when we walked back into our freshly wallpapered front entry. Brightly shining, warmly welcoming, peacefully calming; what a lovely way to come home.

Below: Front entry exterior before renovations. Oh my goodness, look at these precious babies! They have really grown up during this project.


Below: Today, front entry exterior.


Below: This was one of our many door hardware finds at Old Home Supply in Ft. Worth. Solid and substantial but also enchantingly whimsical. What was on the door upon purchase was fine, a bit angular and not my personality, and not really the personality of the home.


Below: We had a tiny mail slot here before. Now we have an oversize letter slot with additional charm. We found this piece at House of Antique Hardware. 


Below: Front entry before and during early renovations.






Below: Front entry today!  Please notice the beautifully restored windows, the warmly glowing original wood floors, the new cove molding, the removed staircase carpet, the C.F.A. Voysey reproduction wallpaper, and the freshly painted banister. Please note that our original chandelier is still being rewired (cloth wiring is not ideal!), and therefore we have a temporary chandelier as a needed placeholder. Please reference these two previous posts for further information on the renovation process: Front entry midpoint and What Lies Beneath. 

Sorry for the two identical pictures, but both fur babies needed to be included and they just could not cooperate for one single photo together today.


Below: Looking out the front doorway.


Below: Looking on into the living room. Staircase to the left and doorway to the right.


Below: A few photos showcasing the beautiful original staircase and newly installed Voysey wallpaper.





Below: Before renovations looking down from the second floor towards the landing.


Below: After renovations.


Below: Staircase landing before.


Below: Staircase landing as of today. To the left you go on down towards the front entry, and to the right you go down the back staircase to the den. Please see this previous post for further information: Back staircase. 


Below: During renovations looking from the landing down towards the front entry.


Below: Today, looking down from the landing towards the front entry.


Below: Before renovations looking at the locked door at the staircase landing which concealed the original back staircase that led into the kitchen below.


Below: During renovations looking behind the locked door and on down the old back staircase that had been converted into a pantry for the kitchen below.


Below: And today, looking from the staircase landing down the steps of the newly reopened back staircase and on down towards our den and kitchen beyond.


Below: Before renovations. The original back staircase was converted into a kitchen pantry, hidden behind the large doors to the left.


Below: Before and during renovations looking back up the back staircase as it transformed from a hodgepodge kitchen pantry back into a useful back staircase.



Below: Today, looking up the back stairs from the den and on towards the front entry.


Below: Fully complete reopened back staircase. Now, we not only have a lovely way to walk down the stairs into our den and kitchen in our jammies, but we also gained a sweet little reading nook nestled below an oversize window where the kitchen sink once lived.


Below: The entry room is alive with glistening and dancing light as it changes throughout the day along with the moving sun and the billowing clouds skipping across the sky.



Below: And then, as the evening blankets the world in quiet darkness, the room glows from within, exuding peaceful calmness and comforting love.



Below: Here is a close up of the 1898 C. F. A. Voysey wallpaper titled Solanum, lovingly reproduced by David Berman of Trustworth Studios located in Massachusetts.  The English designer and architect Voysey (1857-1941) had a decidedly significant impact upon the English Arts and Crafts movement. There is a restrained calmness to the repetitive motif in the muted yet exceedingly warm green, yellow, and peach tones; like a soothing Spring sunset amidst a softly rustling breeze.


Below: Waiting for big sister to get home!


Below: She’s here!


Below: Such a happy sight! Welcome home sweet babies!


Love and hugs,



4 thoughts on “Front Entry and Staircase.

  1. Hi Suzie
    It’s Peggy 😘
    I LOVE your entry paper and especially the pictures of the light at different times of the day!
    Congratulations on a project well done !,
    I really love the way you have maximized the space
    Thanks for sharing !


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