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A Handy Pantry.

I love so many aspects of our home, and the new pantry is at the top of the list. I wanted a walk in pantry to house not only all of our daily dry goods, but also our appliances, baking needs, canned foods, extra condiments, plastic baggies, coolers, and paper towels. I am delighted with the functionality of this small space, the accessibility of my appliances and dry goods, the visible storage, and the ease of making a quick sandwich or chocolate chip cookies. This tiny space is not only highly functional, but also allows my soapstone counters throughout the rest of the kitchen to be clear of clutter. The pantry is fully open as an integral part of the kitchen most of the time, but when we want, it can be fully closed and hidden behind a pocket door. The transom window above the pocket door ensures plenty of natural light in the pantry, and also allows the warm glow of the pantry globe light to flow into the kitchen as well.



Below: We chose a thick butcher block counter. It is not sealed or stained, just simply oiled. It will be fun to watch the butcher block age over time.


Below: The white square tile border from the kitchen floor pattern flows on into the pantry.


Below: Here is the pocket door pull from the side. Substantial and functional.


Below: Microwave and toaster oven. And chips…lots of chips.


Below: Here you can see our two under counter pull out refrigerators, perfect for drinks and extra refrigerator space.


Below: And here is a close up of my mixer, blender, and toaster, all plugged in and ready to use at any moment. In previous homes I would either leave these appliances out on the counters, thus leaving little actual counter space to work on, or stash them away behind closed cabinets, thus never using them because they were so heavy to get out and I would just forget about them. I love having these appliances at my fingertips at all times and in their own designated space. I also love that all of my baking needs and breads and sandwich making needs are all concentrated in this little space.


Below: Here is our open storage below the butcher block counter. Plenty of room for a small trashcan, extra paper towels, and all of our coolers.


We are delightfully happy with how this pantry functions and fits in our kitchen and lifestyle.



Below: It has been rather chilly lately, so we have spent a lot of time inside. So thankful for this craft/laundry/painting room!


Below: Little one learning how to needlepoint. Hopefully I can actually finish this stocking this year so that she will have her actual Christmas stocking on her 4th Christmas, rather than the “Baby’s First Christmas” stocking we have used the past 3 years!


Love and hugs,


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