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Park Cities Historic and Preservation Landmark.

Our home was honored with a Park Cities Historic and Preservation Landmark!



For my Christmas gift this year, my sweet, adorable, and thoughtful husband did all of the paperwork and research needed to submit our application for this award. We hope our 1916 home serves as an encouragement towards preservation throughout our community and beyond. Although restoring an old home is not the easiest option, it is beyond worthwhile. This gloriously warm home connects the past, present, and future in a uniquely physical and emotional way.

You can interact with the home today just as people did 100 years ago. You can see the home as you stroll down the street, walk through the rooms, hear the creaking floors, touch the dense plaster walls, bask in the sunlit rooms, gaze out the same wavy glass windows, listen to the breeze filled trees and twittering birds, feel the warmth of the fireplace, slide open the windows to feel a fresh breath of air, hold the banister as you walk up and down the staircase, hear the summer cicadas, smell the baking coffee cake, listen to the drizzling rain, turn the same doorknobs, feel the weight of the heavy wooden doors, watch the trees begin to bud, hear giggles, laughter, and pitter pattering feet. But, as much as things stay the same, they also change, and the world today is rather different than it was 100 years ago. The house today reflects this pull between stability and change both in new technology and how we live our lives today. I think we struck a lovely balance.


And now as I lay here in our backyard looking up at the strong old trees against the deeply blue March sky listening to my babies play I feel deeply calm, present, and peaceful for the first time in a long time. Our home was a massive undertaking and we put our whole hearts and lives into the project. There were challenges that seemed insurmountable, unending lists, days we cried, unexpected expenses, and sleepless nights. But I would do it all over again to end up here, at this home, at this moment, with my sweet family in the backyard listening to some Texas Country and the Spring breeze.


A quick reminder of what the backyard once was and what it is today:


We gave this house the gift of a second life, and in return, the house has given us a peaceful and calm home, a place from which to look forwards and backwards. A place to reflect upon all of the little moments that, in the end, come together to make up our entire lives.



More posts to come on the dining room, technology, reinstalled chandeliers, and more! Sorry for the lapse lately (I feel like I write that a lot). One of our little ones had some serious sleep issues for a few weeks, so we were all operating at low survival mode!

Love and hugs,


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